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County League Play Offs.

Great Plumstead Bowls Club Saturday 13th August.

With the Semi Finals and Final being played on the same day it was a hard days bowls particularly with the extreme temperatures.

In the morning session Fakenham ran out winners by 60 shots to 46 against Gissing BC and Martham Hawks getting home by 56 shots to 35 against Smallburgh and Dilham.

In the final Martham started well holding a 4 shot lead after 5 ends. Fakenham hit back strongly over the next 5 ends to move into the lead by 4 shots. They extended their lead over the 6 ends to run out winners by 58 shots to 47.

County President Andy Sayer presented the Heddie Blyth trophy to Fakenhams Captain Matthew Warnes.

County Cup Final 2022

Played at Caister BC 4th August.

The final featured teams from Martham BC and Acle BC. The final score after a tight game was Martham 70 Acle 79.

Rink Scores(Martham first):- G Bowgen, E Lambert & R Brooks 19 P McCabe, D Airey & K Cutmore 18. A Jones, J Hudson & P Randell 23 C Peacher, D Brawn & B Downie 21. C Dowe, C Starkins & G Hewitt 12 R Jay, A Deal & A Siely  22. S Faircloth, A Boyce & P Dowe 16 J High, R Himpleman & D Rowsell 18.

Subsidiary Cup Final 2022

Played at Suffield Park.

The final was between Smallburgh and Dilham and Holt. In a tight game Smallburgh and Dilham ran out winners by 74 shots to 62.

Rink scores:- I London, L Willett 20 B Dennis, M Thorn, D Wright 11. A Forder, A Willett, G Gibson 23 J Seago. E Mathews, I Spares 14. A Sayer, V Smith, K Wilby 22 R Gottinstone, J Ferguson, C Hunter 17. A Coleman, T Hardingham , V Wilson 9 S Leighton, P Ferguson, D Thorn 20.

County Competition Finals.

It was a busy weekend for Norfolk’s EBF bowlers as they played the finals of this years County Championships.

The weekend started with the Ladies playing their finals at R G Carters BC over Friday and Saturday.

There were two very good singles games played on Friday with Sandra Faircloth winning the 4 Bowl Singles 21-16 against Eve Evans. Even closer was the game between Jenny Kirby and Linda Blake with Linda winning 21-20.

The Saturday saw the Secretaries Cup being won 21-9 by Lilian Barber against Linda Blake . The Pairs Trophy was won by Sue Moore and Sandra Faircloth 23-8 againsty Sheena Siely & Marion Himpleman. The 3 wood Triples was a very close affair with Judy Gott, Sue Lee and Linda Blake winning 17-16 against Sue Moore, Sandra Faircloth and Julia Crosby. Sheila Hardingham picked up the 2 wood Senior Singles 21-6 versus Lilian Barber. The 2 wood Blocks went the way of Edna Land, Sandra Faircloth and Elaine Donovan 21-16 against Jenny Kirby, Sheena Siely and Marion Himpleman. In the Senior 2 wood Pairs Lyn Cannell and Geraldine Reeve won 17-13 against Judy Gott and Linda Blake The 2 wood Singles saw Lauren Siely 21-6 against Sophie Blanche. Lauren will also represent the County in the Under 25 Singles.

The action on Sunday moved to Kings Lynn BC for the Men’s and Mixed competitions.

In very hot conditions their was some very good bowling. The 3 Wood Rinks open proceedings with Max Harrison, Jack Wells & Mathew Warnes winning a close tussle 13-12 against Alex Deal, Darren Rowsell and Andy Seily. County President Andy Sayer played the first of his 3 games in the Mixed rinks where he linked up with Angie Royal and Richard Bunton to win 20-12 against Eve Evans, Lilian Barber and David Crosby. In the Under 25 Singles Ryan Hudson won 21-7 against Luke Clapham. Ian Wones received a walk over in the Champion of Champions Singles. In a see saw Mixed Pairs Janet Church and Barney Whymer won 21-16 versus Chris and Sophie Blanche. The Pairs was another tight game Robert James and Tony Elvin getting haome 18-16 against David Webb and David Garner. The 2 Bowl Rinks went to an extra end with Alex Deal, Darren Rowsell and Andy Siely winning 20-19 gainst Colin Blake, Phil Long and Ian Wones. Andy Sayer and Richard Bunton picked up their second title in the Senior Pairs winning 20-14 against Richard Church and Barney Wymer. Wayne Burrage has a superb record in singles competitions and he picked up the 2 Bowl Singles 21-15 versus Andrew Flynn. Last years EBF Secretaries Champion David Wood will defend his title as he beat Jonathan Harvey 21-13. Andy Sayer continued his success in the Veterans Singles beating Colin Blake 21-9.  Wayne Burrage picked up his second title in the 4 Bowl Singles 21-15 against Ady Folker. Ryan Hudson completed an Under 25 double winning the Open Under 25 pairs with Regan Simper 19-11 against

Jake Chapman and Bradley George. The final game saw Richard Bunton pick up his third title in the Senior Mixed Pairs partnering Angie Royal to a 18-14 win against Eddie and Lilian Barber.

There are going to be some very busy bowlers representing Norfolk at EBF/EWBF finals in Skegness.

County Competition Semi Finals results.

The Men and Women Federation bowlers played the semi finals of their County Competitions over the 8th to 10th July.

The Mens Competitions were played at Kings Lynn BC.

 Results as Follows:-

Under 25 Singles. R Hudson 21 J Smith 16. L Clapham 21 E Lambert 12. Veterans Singles. C Blake 21 M Harvey 20. A Sayer 21 K Breame 16. 2 Bowl Singles. A Flynn 21 C Blake 15. W Burrage 22 T Baker 12. 4 Bowl Singles. W Burrage 21 C Ramsbottom 13. A Folker 22 J Katra 11. Champion of Champion Singles. G Keeley 21 A Siely 14. I Wones 21 W Burrage 13. Secretaries Singles. D Wood 21 R Himpleman 14. J Harvey 21 A Sayer 20.  Open Under 25 Pairs. R Hudson & R Simper 19 A Deal & L Siely 12. Pairs. R James & T Elvin 14 S Peach & M Chapman 13. D Webb & D Garner 21 A Flynn & C Ramsbottom 18. Senior Pairs. B Wymer & R Church 26 R James & T Elvin 11. A Sayer & R Bunton 21 C James & C Binns 7. Mixed Pairs. B Wymer & J Church 23 L Mills & P Webb 5. C & S Blanche 19 N Howell & B Masters 12. Senior Mixed Pairs. A Royal & R Bunton 18 S Faircloth & P Randell 13. E & L Barber 21 L & R James 10. 2 Bowl Rinks. A Deal, D Rowsell & A Siely 19 D Wood, S Thompson & P Forster 15. C Blake, P Long & I Wones 27 T Baker R BLyth & A Folker 11. 3 Bowl Rinks. M Harrison, J Wells & M Warnes 21 S Hollingsworth, C Harmer & R Anderson-Dungar 11.  A Deal, D Rowsell & A Siely 20 D Harrison, M Watling & E Feavearyear 10. Mixed Rinks. A Royal, A Sayer & R Bunton 18 I London, S & T Hardingham 15. E Evans, L Barber & D Crosby 29 G Punchard, J Cockrill & D Lamb 9.

The finals will take place at Kings Lynn BC on Sunday 17th July. 9.30am start.

The Ladies played their games at R G Carters BC in Drayton.

 The results were as follows:-

2 Bowl Singles. S Blanche 21 A Chambers 10. L Siely 2 S Faircloth 7. 4 Wood Singles. S Faircloth 21 C Turner 17. E Evans 21 J Crosby 14. 2 Wood Senior Singles. L Barber 21 E Evans 8. S Hardingham 21 J Cockrill 7.

Champion of Champion Singles. L Blake 21 V Smith 12.J Kirby 21 L Barber 19. Secretaries Singles.   L Blake 21 M Himpleman 17. Pairs. S Siely & M Himpleman 18 C Playford & B Masters 17. Senior Pairs. L Cannell & G Reeve 26 P Scott & L Barber 13. 3 Wood Triples. J Gott, S Lee & L Blake 17. C Forster, J Allen & J Jolly 8.

The finals will be played at R G Carter BC on Saturday 16th July.


EBF Inter County Games.

Sadly the Adams Trophy game v Northants was cancelled. However the Newton Trophy game went ahead as scheduled.

To keep their chances of progressing to the National Final the Norfolk team needed to record a good win against Northants and hope that Hunts could beat Lincolnshire.

The first part of the equation went well.  Norfolk opened the game strongly and held a 11 shot lead after 5 ends. This was reduced to 7 shots after 10 ends. But by 15 ends the gap had grown to 20 shots. Norfolk continued strongly and increased their lead to 32 shots at 20 ends. There was a further increase to 50 shots at 25 ends with the final scores Norfolk 202 Northants 136. Norfolk picked up 19 points. Sadly this was not enough as Linconshire also won picking up 20 points,

Rink scores:-R Greef, P Forster & E Feavearyear 29-30. L Edmunds, C Hunter & K Humphrey 36-19. S Hollingsworth, M Wilkinson & M Sparrow 41-20. D Smith, J Harvey & R Bunton 35-23. S Medler, G Bowgen & J Sparrow 23-23. S Roach, D Crosby & R Simper 38-21.

 A FCounty Cup.

Quarter Finals results

Great Plumstead 61 Martham 85

Gissing 86 Bawdeswell 49

Dickleburgh 86 v Caister 1 61

Wissonsett 62 v Acle 77

Semi Finals

To be played 21st July. 6.30pm start.

Martham v Gissing at Acle BC

Dickleburgh v Acle at Great Plumstead.

Subsidiary Cup

Quarter Finals results

Suffield Park 75 v Swanton Abbott 53

NW New Road 61 v Smallburgh & Dilham 79

Holt 77 Cawston 75

Caister 2 walk over.

Semi Finals.

To be played  14th July. 6.30pm start.

Suffield Park v Smallburgh and Dilham at Holt

Caister 2 v Holt at Smallburgh and Dilham.

Inter County games 25th and 26th June

The Adams Trophy Team and the Newton Trophy Team travelled to Hunts on Saturday for the latest games.

The Adams team played at St Ives BC.

Norfolk were 5 shots down after 5 ends but by the end of 10 ends the gap was up to 30shots. The gap reduced slightly by 15 ends to 28 shots and was again reduced by 1 shot to 27 shots after 20 ends. Norfolk managed to close the gap to 15 shots with 6 ends to play. A strong finish by Hunts saw them run out winners by 193 shots to 164. Norfolk picked up 5 points. This result ends any chance Norfolk had of reaching the National Final.

Rink Scores:- R Hudson, T Baker & D Cawthorne 38-23. R Lloyd, P Glover & P Webb 15-43. A Sayer, M Jacobs & A Folker 28-30. D Wood, R Anderson-Dungar & K Breame 24-41. M Smith, J Hudson & V Hudson 27-27. S Reynolds, L Leverett & G Hewitt 32-29.

The Newton Trophy game was played at Somersham BC,

This turned out to be a much better afternoon for the Norfolk bowlers. Trailing by 4 shots after 5 ends and 1 shot after 10 ends the players then changed gear. At 15 ends Norfolk held a 12 shot lead.  The next 5 ends were critical as Norfolk scored 50 shots to Hunts 11. Norfolk kept up the pressure and finally ran out winners by 71 shots, picking up 20 points. Rink scores:- L Edmunds, C Hunter & K Humphreys 46-20. J Katra, M Wilkinson & M Sparrow 30-29. S Roach, D Crosby & R Simper 16-32. D Smith, J Harvey & R Bunton 34-18. R Greef, P Forster & E Feaveayear 38-14. S Medler, G Bowgen & J Sparrow 33-13.

On Saturday 2nd July the Norfolk team take on Northants. The Adams Trophy game is at Holt BC and the Newton Trophy game at R G Carter BC. Both games start at 2.00pm.

On Sunday the Under 25 team travelled to Suffolk to take on Suffolk B at Halesworth BC.

Norfolk took a narrow 2 shot lead after 5 ends increasing the gap to 12 shots at 10 ends and 24 shots at 15 ends. The Norfolk players continued to extend their lead and after 25 ends ran out winners by 85 shots to 49.

Rink scores:- C Barker, V Brooks & R Simper 21-19. M Linford, R Fox & J Chapman 31-12. J Smith, C Dowe & B George 33-18.

Inter County games 18th and 19th June was a busy and successful weekend for Norfolk’s EBF County Teams.

The Adams Trophy team were at Holt BC on Saturday taking on North Essex.

This was a tight game throughout. Norfolk had a 5 shot lead after 5 ends. North Essex moved into a 4 shot lead at 10 ends and they continued to hold a slender lead. With 6 ends left to play they held a narrow 1 shot lead. A strong last 6 ends from Norfolk saw them turn the game round and run out winners by 175 shots to 163, picking up 16 points.

Rink scores:- R Lloyd, P Glover & P Webb 34-19. M Smith, J Hudson & V Hudson 36-16. R Hudson, G Gibson & D Cawthorne 24-33. A Sayer, M Jacobs & A Folker 26-39. D Wood, R Anderson-Dungar & K Breame 18-37. S Reynolds, L Leverett & G Hewitt 37-19.

Over at R G Carter BC the Newton Trophy team were taking on North Cambs.  Norfolk started slowly and fell behind by 9 shots after 5 ends. By the end of 10 ends Norfolk had turned the game round an led by 19. The Norfolk lead increased steadily and they ran out winners by 181 shots to 134 picking up 20 points.

Rink scores:- S Medler, P Whymark & J Sparrow 30-27. S Roach, D Crosby & R Simper 37-16. J Katra, M Williamson & M Sparrow 31-20. D Smith, J Harvey & R Bunton 24-27. R Greef, P Forster & E Feaveayear  28-27. S Hollingsworth, B George & K Humphrey 31-17.

On Suday Cawston BC was the venue for the Under 25 team to take on Hunts B.

This turned out to be a comfortable afternoon for the Norfolk team. Taking a 7 shot lead after 5 ends and going from strength to strength finally running out winners by 109 shots to 31.

Rink scores:-J Smith, C Dowe & T Cooper 32-11. N Brooks, E Lambert & R Simper 37-14. L Edmunds, R Fox & J Watling 40-6.

Adams and Newton Trophy games v Suffolk

After last weeks encouraging start in the Adams Trophy v Lincolnshire the Norfolk players were looking for a good result against local rivals Suffolk on Saturday at Holt BC.

The game turned out to be very close. After 5 ends Norfolk held a 7 shot lead. After 10 ends the lead was down to 3 shots  but by 15 ends the lead was back out to 8 shots.  Norfolk still held a 6 shot lead after 20 ends but by 25 ends the teams were level at 134 shots each A tense last 6 ends followed with Suffolk finally edging the game by 1 shot. As Norfolk only won on 2 rinks they only picked up 4 of the available 22 points.

Rinks scores:- S Reynolds, L Leverett & G Hewitt 21-37. R Hudson, G Gibson & D Cawthorne 23-31. T Baker, J Hudson & V Hudson 25-31. D Wood, R Anderson-Dungar & K Breame 32-14. A Sayer, M Jacobs & A Folker 30-37. R Lloyd, P Glover & P Webb 36-18.

This Saturday the Norfolk team take on North Esssex at Holt BC 2.00pm start.

The situation with the Newton Trophy team was that a win was essential to keep this years hopes alive after the loss to Lincolnshire last week.

This game was going the way of Suffolk in the early stages and they lead for most of the game. However a strong finish by the Norfolk players turned a double digit deficit round and they ran out winners by 168 shots to 164 picking up 16 points.

Rink scores:- S Roach, D Crosby & C Hunter 23-33.  J Katra, M Wilkinson & M Sparrow 25-31.D Smith, J Harvey & R Bunton 27-28. S Medler, P Whymark & J Sparrow 29-27. R Greef, P Forster & E Feavearyear 36-21. S Hollingsworth, B George & K Humphrey 28-24.

This Saturday Norfolk take on North Essex at R G Carter BC 2.00pm start.

The Norfolk Under 25 teamare playing their 3rd  game of the season on Sunday at Cawston BC. They will be taking on Hunts B with the game starting at 2.00pm.

EBF Inter County Bowls, Adams and Newton V Lincolnshire.

Norfolk,s senior EBF Inter County teams opened their summer campaings on Saturday with games against Lincolnshire.

The Adams Trophy team travelled to Burton House BC in Boston expecting a really tough afternoon. In fact things went well for Norfrolk and they came away with a resounding win.

Norfolk started strongly taking a 14 shot lead after 5 ends, this extended to 35 shots after 10 ends and 40 shots after 15 ends. Keeping up the pressure Norfolk continued to expand the lead 49 after 20 ends and 53 at 25 ends. A strong finish saw Norfolk home by 199 shots to 125, picking up 20 points.

Rink scores:- A Sayer, M Jacobs & A Folker 37-17. T Baker, J Hudson & V Hudson 38-17.

R Hudson, G Gibson & D Cawthorne 22-29. R Lloyd, P Glover & P Webb 31-26. S Reynolds, L Leverett & G Hewitt 30-22. D Wood, R Anderson-Dungar & K Breame 32-28.

In the Newton Trophy game played at Grantham Norfolk had a more difficult time. They fell behind by 10 shots after 5 ends, 14 shots at 10 ends and 15 shots at 15 ends. The gap had reduced to 9 shots at 20 ends and at 25 ends was down to 4 shots. This time however Lincolnshire finished the stronger running out winners by 166 shots to 152. Norfolk picked up 6 points.

Rink scores:- S Medler, P Whymark & J Sparrow 35-23. M Wilkinson,

G Bowgen & M Sparrow 22-36. S Hollingsworth, R Simper & K Humphrey 26-24. R Greef, P Forster & E Feaveryear 21-23. S Roach, D Crosby & C Hunter 18-34. D Smith, J Harvey & R Bunton 30-26.

On Saturday 11th June Norfolk entertain Suffolk with the Adams Trophy game being played at Holt BC and the Newton Trophy game being played at R G Carter BC Drayton. Both games start at 2.00pm. Come along and give the Norfolk players some support.

Under 25,s Inter County Game v Suffolk A.

Cawston BC was the venue for the Norfolk Under 25 game v Suffolk on Sunday. Following the narrow loss last week to Hunts and win was  very much needed. The yongsters turned on a stron display winning on two of the 3 rinks and running out winners by 96 shots to 46. Norfolk were always in control of the game holding an 18 shot lead after 5 ends. The lead was still 18 shots after 10 ends but increased vti 26 shots after 15 ends. The lead increased to 36 shots at 20 ends and a strong last 5 ends saw the gap extend to 50 shots.

Rink scores:- T Brooks, E Lambert & R Simper 43-12. R Hudson, R Morgand & J WAtling 35-11. R Brooks, J Chapman & B George 18-23.

The next Under 25 game is on Sunday 19th June at Cawston BC v Hunts B.


Inter County Under 25’s v Hunts.

Norfolk’s Under 25 EBF Bowlers opened their 2022 Reg Wright season with an away game to Hunts played at Sawtry BC.

Norfolk started strongly over the first 5 ends taking a 18 shots to 10 lead. Hunts hit back strongly over ends 6 to 10 turning the game round and holding a 4 shot lead. After 15 ends the game was still tight with Hunts holding a 5 shot lead.

Ends 16 to 20 turned out to be pivotel in the match as Hunts scored 13 shots to Norfolks 7. So going into the last 5 ends Hunts lead by 12 shots. Despite a spirited finish by the Norfolk team they could only claw back 4 of the 12 shots with Hunts winnning on 2 rinks and taking the overall by 70 shots ti 62.

Rinks scores :- R Hudson, M Mills and R Morgan 22-27. R Brooks, J Watling and B George 15-24. T Brooks, E Lambert and R Simper 25-19.

In order to give some other players experiece in these games 2 other blocks played against Hunts. This time Norfolk were more succesful winning both games.

Rink scores:- T Linford, L Edmunds and L Chapman 36-11. C Barker, V Brooks and J Smith 28-17.

The team was made up of a combination of both young men and women.

 The next game is on Sunday 5th June at Cawston BC v Suffolk with the game starting at 2.00pm.

Vertu Honda Trophy v Lincolnshire.

Sunday 13th March at Boston IBC.

Having lost the home leg of this match by 1 shot Norfolk’s Executive team needed to produce a good result away to Lincolnshire.

The game was very close with Lincolnshire holding a 1 shot lead after 5 ends. The lead increased to 6 shots after 10 ends and 11 shots at 15 ends. Norfolks players produced a very strong next 5 ends and the score at 20 ends looked very promising with Norfolk now leading by 8 shots. Lincolnshire hit back strongly over the last 5 ends and finally ran out winners by 102 shots to 93.

Rink scores:- J Fruin, C Blake & V Hudson 18-24. F Haverson, G Bonnick & R Bunton 12-29, D Cole, R Greef & M Sparrow 34-22. A Sayer, J Hudson & D Cawthorne 29-27.

Derbyshire v Lincolnshire.

After last weeks close loss to Northants A the Norfolk players knew a big win and help from other counties was ther only chance of making it to Newark for the National final.

Facing Lincolnshire at Lincoln IBC is never an easy task which wasn’t helped by some players being unavailable.

As last week the first 5 ends saw the home team take a 15 shot lead. This was reduced to 9 shots after 10 ends. However this was as close as it got as Lincolnshire increased their lead to 21 shots at 15 ends, 23 shots at 20 ends and a final score pf Norfolk 73 Linconshire 106.

Rink scores. A Sayer, M Sparrow & D Cawthorne 21-16. R Bunton, L Leverett & M Riches 16-35. T Baker, L Seppings & J Wells 22-21. R Hudson, S Savoury & V Hudson 14-34.

Derbyshire Trophy V Northants A

Norfolk were looking to build on the superb start they to this years Derbyshire Trophy when they visited Northants A at Stamford IBC on 20th February.

As is often the case with away games the Norfolk team started slowly and after 5 ends they faced a 16 shot deficit. Things started to improve over the next 5 ends as they reduced the deficit to 6 shots. Northants had a stong next 5 ends increasing their lead to 58-46. Again Norfolk fought back and by the 20th end the gap was down to 3 shots. Over a very tense last 5 ends the gap was again reduced but sadly by not eneough as they lost 87-88 only picking up 2 points.

Rink scores. D Taney. L Leverett & M Riches 25-16. T Baker, L Seppings & J Wells 22-26. S Savoury, V Hudson & S King 20-22. A Sayer, D Cawthorne & I Whiley 20-24.

Indoor County Championship Finals 2022.

Acle IBC Sunday 13th February 2022.

The Norfolk Federation bowlers gathered at Acle IBC on Sunday 13th February for the finals of this years Indoor County Competitions.

In the first session of the day the Ladies Pairs saw Yvonne and Sheila Hardingham run out winners by 23 shot to 21 against Geraldine Reeve and Elaine Cole. In the Mixed Pairs Daniel Seabourne and Jenny Kirby were to strong for Dennis Goodley and Barbara Meeks winning by 19 shots to 9. The Mixed Rinks saw Mark Elliott, Tia Linford and Ian Wones winning by 20 shots to 11 against Daniel Cawthorne, Nicola Moseley and Mark Riches.

The second session also had 3 games. In the Mens Pairs Ian Wones and Graham Punchard won a close encounter 21-17 against Daniel Seabourne and Jack Wells. In the Mens Senior Singles County President Andy Sayer proved to strong for Jim Fruin winning by 21 Shots to 5. The Ladies Senior Singles saw Jenny Kirby run out winner by 21 shots to 10 against Pam Rolph.

In the final session of the day Andria Morton, Marie Morton and Jenny Kirby won the Ladies Triples by 22 shots to 16 against Lynn Cannell, Geraldine Reeve and Barbara Meeks. In the Mens Triples Daniel Seabourne, Ian Wones and Jack Wells were in superb form and won  29-3 against Peter Allard, John Hipperson and Julian Cooke.

With Ian Wones having qualified for 4 finals the Mens Singles was played early and he ran out winner in a very close contest against Danny Cawthorne 21 shots to 20.  Due to injury the final of the Ladies Singles was not played and Jenny Kirby picked up the title.

The winners go on to represent Norfolk at the Federation National Finals being held at Newark IBC in late April.

 Derbyshire Trophy

Norfolk v North Cambs

Sunday 6th February at Gallow IBC

The Norfolk team which took to the green against North Cambs had a number of changes due to a clash of dates. However this did not stop the team producing a good result, with wins on 3 rinks and a 24 shot win overall.

After 5 of the 15 ends Norfolk held a 2 shot lead but by 10 ends North Cambs had turned the game round and held a 3 shot lead. The next 5 ends went Norfolks way and they led 53-50 after 15 ends. Ends 16 to 20 saw the Norfolk lead increase to 14 shots and a strong finish saw the team home by 98 shots to 74.

Rinks scores:- A Sayer, M Sparrow & R Mason 22-25. T Baker, R Bunton & V Hudson 21-16. M Elliott D Crosby & S Elliott 25-18. D Taney, L Leverett & S Savoury 30-15.

Indoor County Finals 2022

Acle IBC Sunday 13th February.

Order of play.

9.30am. Ladies Pairs. E Cole & M Haylett v Y & S Hardingham. Mixed Pairs. B Meeks & D Goodley v D Seabourne & J Kirby. Mixed Triples. M Linford, M Elliott & I Wones v N Moseley, D Cawthorne & M Riches.

12.00 noon.  Mens Pairs. D Seabourne & J Wells v G Punchard & I Wones. Mens Senior Singles A Sayer v J Fruin. Ladies Senior Singles. P Rolph v J Kirby.

2.00pm. Mens Triples. D Seabourne, J Wells & I Wones v P Allard, J Hipperson & J  Cooke. Ladies Triples. L Cannell, G Reeve & B Meeks v A Morton, M Morton & J Kirby.

Friday 4th February. Mens Singles I Wones v D Seabourne.

Wednesday 9th February. Ladies Singles. J Kirby V M Haylett.

Indoor County Competitions.

Semi Final Results.

Singles D.Cawthorne 21 C Hunter 15

I.Wones 21 S.Elliott 13

Senior singles A.Sayer 21 P.Allard 11

B.Wymer v J.Fruin postponed due to covid

Pairs D.Seabourne/J.Wells 20 R & V.Hudson 6

G.Punchard/I.Wones 17 P.Allard/J.Hipperson 6

Mixed pairs D.Goodley/B.Meeks 22 N.Moseley/D.Cawthorne 13

D.Seabourne/L.Cannell (sub) 16 S.Hardingham/R.Greef 15

Triples P.Allard/J.Hipperson/J.Cooke 25 J.Fruin/K.Scott Greenard/A.Jones 11

D.Seabourne/J.Wells/I.Wones  w/o D.Webb/D.Smith/C.Hunter

Mixed triples M.Elliott/M.Linford/(sub)I.Wones 18 B.Kirby/B.Meeks(sub)D.Goodley 12

N.Moseley/D.Cawthorne/M.Riches 20 A.Sayer/S&T.Hardingham 9

Vertu Honda v Lincolnshire 5th December.

Norfolk’s executive team entertained Lincolnshire at Gallow IBC for the first leg of the Vertu Honda Challenge.

The game was very tight from the start with Norfolk having a 2 shot lead after 5 ends. By 10 ends the scores were level at 31 shots each. Licolnshire held a narrow 3 shots lead after 15 ends-53 -50. After 20 ends only a singles shot seperated the teams Norfolk 69 Lincolnshire 70. This was the same when the 25 ends had been played with Lincolnshire winning b 94 shots to 93. Points 10 - 4.

This sets up the return leg which will be played on 13th March at Boston IBC.

Rink scores:-D Lamb, D Cole & M Sparrow 25 - 19. A Sayer, R Andrews & V Hudson 22-28. R Greef, F Haverson & G Hewitt 18-24. J Fruin, G Bonnick & R Bunton 28-23.

Norfolk v Northants B

Norfolk got off to a good winning start in this year's Derbyshire against Northants B

Racing into a 35.8 lead after 5 ends and extending it to 46 shots after 10 ends the momentum continued and at 15 ends the lead was 69 shots 100 to 31 with all blocks winning the margin became 84 shots on 20 ends with a final push winning by 102 shots

For a 14.0 points win 155 shots to 53

Rink scores

S.Savoury V.Hudson D.Cawthorne 46.M.Linnell 13

A.Sayer D.Rudling R.Mason 25 G.Agger 16

D.Taney L.Leverett M.Riches 31 P.Bailey 13

T.Baker L.Seppings J.Wells 53 T.Holroyd 11

Norfolk v Hunts 28th November

Norfolk entertained Huntingdonshire in their second Derbyshire game and after 5 ends held a one shot lead 20.19 over the next 5 ends they extended there to 21 shots 53.32

after 15 ends the scores were 71.46 to Norfolk it was extended by 4 shots 91.62 on 20 ends and with a final push ran out winners by 31 shots 109.78 for a 12.2 points win a good start for Norfolk in this year's competition but with 2 tricky away games need to keep this momentum going

Rink scores

A.Sayer D.Cawthorne R.Mason 39.B.Kitto 8

T.Baker L.Seppings J.Wells 12 J.Randell 29

D.Taney L.Leverett M.Riches 34 R.Stevens 20

S.Savoury V.Hudson S.King 24 R.Jepson 21

Next up is Nth Camps at home on 6th Feb at Gallows IBC

County AGM 2021.

The AGM of the NCBA was held on Sunday 7th November at R G Carter BC. The meeting opened with a minutes silence for the people who have passed away over the last 2 years.

The following were elected to the various Officer and other roles within the County.

President. Andy Sayer. Vice President Paul Tree. Junior Vice President David Wood. Chairman John Hudson.Vice Chairma. Roy Himpleman. Hon. Secretary Jane Watson. Treasurer Roger Greef. Match Secretary David Filby. EBF Delegate Andy Sayer. Press Officer David Cole. Outdoor Competion Secretary Trevor Hardingham. Safeguarding Officer Jane Watson. Adams Captain John Hudson. Newton Captain Trevor Hardingham. Re Wright Captain. A Team. Andy Sayer. Reg Wright Captain. B Team. Gary Hewitt. Executive and Derbyshire Captain. Andy Sayer.

Eversley Trophy.

The Officers team of Trevor Hardingham, David Cole, Matthew Sparrow, Andy Sayer, Roger Grieff and Gary Hewitt traveled to Newark on 10th Otober for the Eversley Trophy. The County last won the Trophy in 2008. After a very good days bowling with games against Suffolk, Northants, Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire the team ran out winnners.

Jason Roope Shield Final.

R G Carters BC was the venue for the final of this years County Club Championship final between Wootton Park and Gissing. The wiining team to pick up the Jason Roope  Shield.

After a very closely contested game Wootton Park ran out winners by 5 shots. They will now go on to represent Norfolk next season in the Inter County stage of the Durham Centenary Trophy.

Photo of the winning team on the Team Competition page.

Two National EBF Titles for Norfolk Bowlers

After a busy week of Bowls on the Suncastle Greens in Skegness Norfolk bowlers had made it through to four Finals.

First up on Friday afyernoon were the Acle Ladies Triple of Geraldine Reeve, Sheena Siely and Marion Himpleman taking on a triple from Lincolnshire. After some good bowling in the earlier rounds the Norfolk ladies had a tough day and lost by 21 shots to 7.

Saturday saw Norfolk represented in 3 finals with Wayne Burrage from Horsford plying in two of them.

In the 2 Bowl Singles Wayne lost by 21 shots to 15. On at the same time Gissing bowler David Wood continued the find form he had shown all week and ran out a comfortable winner by 21 shots to 9 to win the Secretaries Singles.

Wayne Burrage played his second game of the day and this time produced a very good 21-12 win in the 4 Bowl Singles.

County League Championship Play Off

The winners of Premier West Fakenham Town took on the winners of Premier East R G Carter A in the Play Off game at Cawston BC on 15th August.

Fakenham took an early lead of 3 shots after 5 ends. The gap increased to 6 shots after 10 ends. By the 15 end the game had tightened up with both teams standing on 41 shots. The final 3 end saw R G Carter go on a scoring spree to run out winners by 67 shots to 46.

Rink Scores(R G Carter First):- L Mills, C Hipperson & K Breame 15 P Childs,H Cater & M Warnes 21. D Smith, P Glover & P Webb 23 M Harrison, J Kemp & P Boldero 15. P Allard, J Hunter & M Hunter 29 I Proods, C Warnes & R Mason 10.

County Cup Final.

Mattishall BC hosted the final of the County Cup on THursday 5th August with Gissing taking on Cawston.

After 5 ends Cawston held a narrow 2 shot advantage. At the ten end stage the game had swung in the opposite direction with Gissing leading by 4 shots. The gap was still 2 shots after 15 ends. From this point on Gissing took control of the game increasing their lead to 11 shots after 18 end and finaly running out winner by 70 shots to 54.

Rink scores(gissing first):- C Forster, J Jolly & G Forster 20 R Adcock, B Seager & J Tuddenham 10. E Fairweather,K Corwall & M Coe 21 L Sheen, G Durrant & C Hamer 10. D Wood, B Royal & S Thompson 21 S Hollingsworth, K Kemp & S Adcock 12. K Fulcher, P Whymark & P Foster 8 S Brown, E Hall & J Harvey 22.

Durham Cup Semi Finals

The two semi finals were played at Holt BC on 1/8/21. In the morning Kings Lynn BC played Wootton Park. Wootton Park ran out winners by 127 shots to 54.

In the afternoon game Acle took on Gissing. Gissing were the winners by 100 shots to 73.

Subsidiary Cup Final.

Swanton Abbott and Smallburgh and Dilham faced off in the Subsidiary Cup Final at North Walsham New road BC on 28th July.

Swanton Abbott started strongly and held a 19-8 lead after 5 ends. The lead had been reduced to 8 shots after 10 ends but by the 15 end had extended to 13 shots. However the next 3 ends saw Smallburgh and Dilham make a remarkable recovery and at 18 ends the scores were level.

In a very close finish the final scores were Swanton Abbott 75 Smallburgh & Dilham 74.

Adams Trophy v Hunts. NCWBA and NCBA County Competition Finals.

The weekend of the 17th and 18th July was a very busy time for Norfolk's Federation bowlers.

On Saturday the men's Adams Trophy team travelled to St Ives to play Hunts in the game to decide which team played in the National Final in Skegness at the end of August.

 Things didn't start well for Norfolk as they fell behind by 10 shots after 5 ends. By the 10th end things were looking a little better with the gap having reduced to only 2 shots, 51-53. Ends 11 to 15 saw Hunts increase their lead again to 13 shots and at 20 ends the scores were Norfolk 99 Hunts 110.At 25 ends the gap had once again reduced with Hunts leading by 9 shots. The final 6 ends were very tense and with one end to go Norfolk held a very narrow 1 shot lead. The big But was that Norfolk needed to win on the last rink being played to run out winners but unfortunately 2 shots were dropped and the game was lost by 1 shot.

Rink scores for the game:- D Wood, R Anderson-Dungar & K Breame 31-23. B Footer, G Gibson & D Cawthorne 29-29. A Sayer, M Jacobs & A Folker 23-27. R Brooks, M Smith & V Hudson 29-30. R Lloyd, P Glover & P Webb 24-27. S Reynolds, P Whymark & G Hewitt 26-26.

Also on Saturday the NCWBA held their County Competition finals at Holt BC.

The results were as follows:-2 Wood Singles. Linda Blake 21 Sarah Smith 14. 4 Wood Singles Lianne Mills 21 Sheena Siely 15. Champion of Champion Singles.Pauline Scott 21 Marion Himpleman 17. 2 Wood Senior Singles Lilian Barber 21 Linda Blake 16.Secretaries Singles. Linda Blake 21 Andrea Morton 11. Under 25 Singles. Sarah Smith 21 Connie Dowe 18. 2 Wood Pairs. Sue Lee & Linda Blake 14 Pauline Scott & Lilian Barber 12. 2 Wood Senior Pairs. June Hudson & Angie Royle 21 Jill Carr & Kay Carrick 8. 2 Wood Blocks. Clair Turner, Heather Bloomfield & Amy Barker 27 Jenny Kirby, Sheena Seily & Marion Himpleman 9. 3 Wood Triples. Geraldine Reeve, Sheena Siely & Marion Himpleman 20 Sue Moretta, Jenny Willeard & Jill Adams 15.

Sunday saw the NCBA County Championships played at Great Plumstead Bowls Club with the following results:-

2 Bowl Rinks. Alex Deal, Darren Rowsell & Andy Siely 24 Damian Lamb, David Crosby & Paul Tree 13. Under 25 Singles. Regan Simper 9 Luke Clapham 21. Pairs. Dennis George & Paul High 8 Andy Sayer & Richard Bunton 18. Senior Mixed Pairs. Janet Church & Barnie Wymer 20 Eddie & Lilian Barber 13. Mixed Rinks. Andy Sayer, Jane Watson & Richard Bunton 16 Jane Cockrill, Graham Punchard & David Lamb 20. Mixed Pairs. Sheena & Andy Siely 18 Eve Evans & David Crosby 22 after extra end. Under 25 Open Pairs. Mat Warnes & Charlie Reynolds 16 Jake Chapman & Bradley George 17. Veteran Singles. Richard Anderson -Dungar 8 Andy Sayer 21. Secretaries Singles David Wood 21 Roy Himpleman 6. 2 Bowl Singles. Wayne Burrage 21 Tom Baker 15. 4 Bowl Singles. Ian Wones 16 Wayne Burrage 21. Senior Pairs. Ian Anderson & Bill Downie 19 Eddie Barber & David Crosby 18. 3 Bowl Rinks, Robert Brooks, Edward Lambert & Gary Hewitt 21 Andy Sayer, Mike Smith & Richard Bunton 17. Champion of Champions Singles . Paul Webb 15 Andy Siely 21.

The winners of both the NCWBA and the NCBA competitions go on to represent Norfolk at the EBF Nation Championships being held on the Suncastle greens in Skegness at the end of Aug

Subsidiary Cup.


Preliminary Round. Holt 59 Swanton Abbott 100.

Quarter Finals. Swanton Abbott w/o. Dickleburgh 69 Caister 1 68. Caister 2 79 Great Plumstead 66. Pulham Market 60 Smallburgh & Dilham 83.

Semi Finals. Smallburgh & Dilham 88 v Caister 2 46. Swanton Abbott 101 Dickleburgh 58.

Final. Swanton Abbott v Smallburgh & Dilham at North Walsham New Road on 29th July. 6.30pm start.

County Competition Finals.

Being held at Great Plumstead Bowls Club on Sunday 18th July 2021.

Order of Play.

9.30am. 2 Bowl Rinks. Alex Deal, Darren Rowsell & Andy Siely v Damian Lamb, David Crosby & Paul Tree. Under 25 Singles. Regan Simper v Luke Clapham. Pairs Dennis George & Paul High v Andy Sayer & Richard Bunton.

11.30am. Senior Mixed Pairs. Janet Church & Barnie Wymer v Eddie Barber & Lilian Barber. Mixed Rinks. Andy Sayer, Jane Watson & Richard Bunton v Jane Cockrill, Graham Punchard & David Lamb. Mixed Pairs. Sheena Siely & Andy Siely v Eve Evans & David Crosby. Under 25 Open Pairs. Mat Warnes & H Cater v Jake Chapman & Bradley George.

1.30pm.Veterans Singles. Richard Anderson-Dungar v Andy Sayer. Seretaries Singles. David Wood v Roy Himpleman. 2 Bowl Singles. Wayne Burrage v Tom Baker.

3.30pm. 4 Bowl Singles. Ian Wones v Wayne Burrage. Senior Pairs. Ian Anderson & Brian Kirby v Eddie Barber & David Crosby. 3 Bowl Rinks. Robert Brooks, Edward Lambert & Gary Hewitt v Andy Sayer, Mike Smith & Richard Bunton. Champion of Champions Singles. Paul Webb v Andy Siely.

Winners go on to represent Norfolk at the EBF National Championships in Skegness at the end of August.

County Competitions Semi Finals.

The Semi Finals of this years County Competitions were played over the weekend of 9th to 11 July at Great Plumstead BC.

The results were as follows:-

Under 25 Singles. R Simper 21 B George 20. L Clapham 21 R Brooks 17. Veterans Singles. R Anderson-Dungar 21 P Randell 10. A Sayer 21 F Haverson 9. 2 Bowl Singles. R Anderson-Dungar 4 W Burrage 21. T Baker 21 A Siely 13. Champion of Champions Singles L Leverett 11 P Webb 21. A Siely 21 T Elvin 9. 4 Bowl Singles. B Footer 0 I Wones 21. W Burrage 21 M Sparrow 19. Secretaries Singles. D Wood 21 A Sayer15. R Himpleman w/o.

Under25 Open Pairs. M Warnes & H Cator 23 R Brooks & E Lambert 19. J Chapman & B George w/o.

 Pairs. D George & P High 24 S Reynolds & K Breame 8. G Owen & D Bishop 17 A Sayer & R Bunton 18. Senior Pairs, I Anderson & B Kirby 17 T Hardingham & T Gibson 16 Extra End. E Barber & D Crosby 18 M Smith & V Hudson 5. Mixed Pairs.S & A Siely 19 T & S Hardingham 9. J Watson & A Sayer 11 E Evans & D Crosby 20. Senior Mixed Pairs. J Gott & C Blake 13 J Church & B Wymer 19. A Chamber & J Chambers 9 E & L Barber 23.

2 Bowl Rinks. A Deal, D Rowsell & A Siely 23 C Blanche, N Bowman & M Wright 13. D Lamb, D Crosby & P Tree 19 T Baker, R Bly & A Folker 12. 3 Bowl Rinks. S Hollingsworth, K Kemp & R Anderson-Dungar 13 R Brooks, E Lambert & G Hewitt 15, M Smith, A Sayer & R Bunton 18 D Lamb, D Crosby & P Tree 13. Mixed Rinks. A Sayer, J Watson & R Bunton 22 T Leeder, L Young & P Wright 18. S Lee, I Wones & C Blake 7 J Cockrill, G Punchard & D Lamb 19.

The finals will be played at Great Plumstead BC on Sunday 18th July.


County Cup

Results for the County Cup so far this season.

Qualifying Round. Cawston 103 Pulham Market 48. Acle 71 Caister 1 67. Sheringham Morley 76 Smallburgh & Dilham 68. Martham 118 Great Plumstead 32. Gressenhall 81 Dickleburgh 71. Bawdeswell 69 Swanton Abbott 61.

Preliminary Round. New Road 94 Caister 2 46.

Quarter Finals. Cawston w/o v Acle. Sheringham Morley 63 Martham 95. Gissing 79 New Road 66. Gressenhall 57 Bawdeswell 85.

One win each for Norfolk and Suffolk in Adams Trophy and Newton Trophy games.

Saturday 26th June saw Norfolk take on local rivals Suffolk in the EBF Inter County competitions. With the Adams Trophy game played at Leiston BC  Suffolk and the Newton Trophy game played at R G Carters BC Norfolk.

In the Adams Trophy game Norfolk started strongly and held a 20 shot lead after 10 ends. Suffolk reduced the deficit over the next 5 ends with the scores standing at Norfolk 58 Suffolk 48 after 10 ends. Suffolk closed the gap even further over ends 11 to 15 where Norfolk held a narrow 2 shot advantage. By the finish of 20 ends Suffolk had moved into a 1 shot lead 103 shots to Norfolk’s 102. After 25 ends Suffolk had extended there lead to 8 shots. A strong finish by the Norfolk players over the last 6 ends saw them cross the winning line by 1 shot, 161 shots to 160.

This results means Norfolk will play Hunts in the next game away at St Ives BC on 17th July.

Rink scores from the Suffolk game:- A Sayer,M Jacobs & A Folker 22-25. D Wood, G Gibson & D Cawthorne 23-34. R Brooks, M Smith & V Hudson 34-21. S Reynolds, P Whymark & G Hewitt 38-24. R Watling, R Anderson-Dungar & K Breame 17-32. R Lloyd, P Glover & P Webb 27-24.

The Newton Trophy game went against Norfolk from the start. They were 10 shots down after 5 ends, 30 shots down after 10 ends and 28 shots down after 15 ends. After 20 ends the scores were Norfolk 95 Suffolk 115 and a comeback was possible. Unfortunately this wasn’t to be as Suffolk increased their lead to 23 shots after 25 end and finally ran our winners by 187 shots to 152.

Rink scores:- |D Smith, R Greef & R Bunton 30-25. G Bowgen, P Tree & P Forster 18-46. D Webb, A Flynn & E Clapham 18-28. S Hollingsworth, R Bailey & K Kemp 34-34. T Elvin, R Simper & J Harvey 23-27. R Hudson, B George & M Sparrow 29-27.

EBF Inter County Team Games

After missing the whole of last season the EBF Inter County games return on Saturday 26th June with Norfolk’s teams taken on local rivals Suffolk.

This season the games are being played as a straight knockout, with hopefully a return to the round robin format next season.

In the Adams Trophy game the Norfolk team are playing away at Leiston BC with a 2.00pm start. New team Captain John Hudson has selected the following players:-R Brooks, K Breame, D Cawthorne, R Anderson Dunger, A Folker, B Footer, G Gibson, P Glover, G Hewitt, V Hudson, M Jacobs, R Lloyd, S Reynolds, A Sayer, M Smith, P Webb, M Whatling, P Whymark.

The Newton Trophy game is being played at R G Carter BC also with a 2.00pm start. Captain Trevor Hardingham has selected the following team:-S Hollingsworth, R Bailey, K Kemp, D Smith, R Greef, R Bunton, J Chapman, B George, M Sparrow, T Elvin, R Simper, J Harvey, D Webb, A Flynn, E Clapham, D Wood, D Hudson and P Forster.


Affiliated to the English Bowling Federation

County League Controller:- John Hudson 26, Priory Close, Acle NR13 3AA

Tel: 01493 751202 Mob 07801 487711 E-mail: johnhudson5019@gmail.com

26th March 2021

Dear County League Captain

We have now received the Government’s planned map from lockdown and as I hope

you are all aware, we are not released from lockdown fully until 21st June at the earliest.

The guidance from the EBF National Secretary is enclosed and will apply up until 17th



The County League will commence on 4th May in line with the fixture lists sent out

earlier, However, there are minor adjustments necessary in the first two weeks for a few

clubs. These clubs will be contacted individually.

Greens with 6 rinks should play on alternate rinks and those with 4 rinks should use the

two outer ones and create a third rink on the centre line to allow for social distancing.

The league is therefore mildly affected for the first two weeks of the season, but the

hope is that all being well, we will return to normality as the season progresses.

Yours sincerely


John Hudson

League Controller

Attachments 1. Return to Play Guidance

English Bowling Federation (EBF)

Return to Play (RTP) Guidance

Issued: 26th March 2021

As per the announced government roadmap for the easing of lockdown restrictions organised outdoor sport can recommence from Monday 29th March 2021 providing the affiliated Counties, Clubs and members follow this guidance

to return to play safely.

This RTP guidance should be used in conjunction with the latest government guidance and may change to reflect any

changes made by the UK government.

This guidance is effective from midnight, Monday 29th March 2021 and replaced all other guidance issued by the .


This guidance falls under the classification of organised sport in accordance with the issued Department for Culture,

Media, and Sport (DCMS) guidance and covers:

• National Competitions & Championships (including qualifying stages)

• All matches, competitions and leagues involving affiliated Club and Counties

• Inter affiliated club matches

• Internal affiliated club events or organised sessions for club members

• Coaching by an approved coach

• Education courses (outdoor) working to a prescribed syllabus

For the avoidance of doubt any activity that is not listed above falls outside of the scope of the organised sport

category and falls into the informal activity category where different rules apply. This includes casual play such as


The government have given an exemption for organised sport regarding the numbers of people that can mix and

play at one time, whereas with informal sport the rule of 6 or the mixing of two households strictly applies.

From Monday 29th March the following applies:

If activity applies within Organised Sport category above:

• Singles. The use of marker is permitted.

• Pairs

• Triples*

• Fours*

* - When playing triples or fours there must be a rink free between each match to allow for social distancing.

Any combination of formats may be played, however there should be no more than an average of four people per

rink on the green at any one time.

If activity falls with the Informal Activity category, then the ‘rule of six’ OR two households mixing only apply. For the

avoidance of doubt, only singles, pairs and triples play are permitted to be played informally e.g. for a roll-up.


You should use your own equipment and only you should handle your equipment. Where shared items such as jacks

and mats are used you should sanitise your hands prior and after touching the equipment. Scorecards should be

retained by one person during a game.

Any other equipment should be used by one person only during a game where possible. If this is not possible hands

should be sanitised prior to and after using the equipment.Hygiene & Health

Everyone should sanitise their hands prior to before and after the game and at regular intervals during the game.

Handshakes are not permitted at any time.

If you or anyone living in the same household as you are showing any COVID-19 symptoms, or you or any of your

household are self-isolating, you should stay at home and not playing bowls until you either are allowed to are

permitted to leave you house under the current quarantine guidance issued by the government.

Track and Trace

All clubs are required to keep records of who has played each day and with whom for a period of 21 days to support

NHS Track and Trace. It is recommended that the club display an NHS QR code so that participants can scan using a

mobile device. (What if people don’t have smart phones and should it be mentioned here about booking systems?)

Changing, Toilets, Clubhouse’s

Currently changing rooms are to be remained closed. Toilets are permitted to be open as is hand washing facilities in

line with COVID-19 safe guidelines e.g. One-way systems, limited numbers and social distancing. Everyone should

come changed ready to play. Changing facilities can only be used in the an emergency situations or by disabled

people who are taking part in organised sport and physical activity. Additional exceptions must be made for essential

activity such as the provision of first aid or to essential equipment for games.

Cleaning protocols should be put in place to limit COVID-19 transmission in public places. Touch points (e.g. handrails

and gates) should be particular areas of focus for increased cleaning.


Currently spectators are not permitted apart from carers for disabled people, or adults needed to supervise under

18’s in a safeguarding role. Where this is necessary adults should not mix with others from outside their household

or support bubble.


You may travel to participate in bowls. It is advised that you should remain local and avoid any unnecessary travel.

Car sharing Is currently not permitted with someone outside your household or your support bubble.


You do not need to be vaccinated to particate in bowls and clubs should not ban stop anyone who has not been

vaccinated from playing.

Risk Assessments

All clubs should carry out a risk assessment prior to retuning to play. It is advised that clubs have a session booking

system and include suitable gaps between each session to ensure maximum group limits aren’t exceeded.

This guidance will be updated at each stage of the Roadmap to reflect changes as approved by the government

Message from County President Matthew Sparrow.

To All

This Year has been unpredictable, unprecedented and singular.

We have nearly made it to the end of 2020, which for many was supposed to be a year of  celebration of joy and enjoyment. But due to the events of the past year none of which has been achieved.

We have lost so many people in Norfolk who are close to us, Friends, Family and Colleagues plus many others across the country. To which I wish all those my condolences for your losses.

Even though I haven’t had a normal Presidential year, I would like to thank the Officers for their work during these times. Also a thank you to my family and friends for supporting me.

My Charity like most charities has been hit by the Pandemic but I’m proud to say we, Together have raised £388. So for that I say a big Thank you to everyone who has donated.

Things may not get back to normal for sometime, but together if we work through this and are cautious we can bring a new normal for everyone.

Please Stay Safe,

Merry Christmas and hope we can have a Happy 2021.

Matthew Sparrow

NCBA President

Following the postponement of the Indoor County due to a power failure at Gallow IBC the games have been completed at various times over the last few weeks.

In the Singles Ian Wones picked up the trophy for the 13th time with a 21-15 win over Dan Cawthorne.

However Dan Cawthorne picked up 3 other trophies. In the Mixed Pairs he teamed up with S Tucker beating B Meeks & D Goodley 19-11. M Riches joined the them in the Mixed Triples winning by 21-9 against G Xuereb, M Elliott & D Ramsbottom. Sadly the Rinks final was not played and the game was conceded to T Cooper, D Cawthorne & M Riches.

In the remaining games the Senior Singles was won by R Greef 21-11 against B Wymer and R Greef & C Hunter won the Pairs 17-14 against T Cooper & M Riches.

Norfolk lose out in tight finish against Northants A in Derbyshire Trophy.

Norfolk entertained Northants A in a must win game to keep there hopes alive for qualifying for national final in the Derbyshire trophy.

Northants took an early lead and were 20.14 up on 5 ends Norfolk dug in and by 10 ends reduced the deficit to 2 shots 41.39. Over the next 5 ends Norfolk had gone in front 65.57 and on 20 ends lead by 84.74 the last 5 ends saw the game swing back Northants way and with a nail biting last end Northants triumphed 98.97.

A top quality game worthy of a final and congratulations

go to Northants and Norfolk wish them well in the final at Newark in April where they will be trying to defend their crown.

Rink scores

D. Mills/J. Wells/M. King 25. 23 R. Martin

T. Cooper/L. Seppings/D. Cawthorne 20. 28 D. Harford

T. Baker/B. Sadler/S. King 25. 29 S. Law

C. Derry/M. Turner/M. Riches 27. 18 T. Morton

Latest News on Indoor County Championships.

The scheduled finals were postponed owing to a power failure at Gallow IBC.

Only 2 finals have been completed with Ian Wones winning the Singles beating Danny Cawthorn 21-15. In the pairs Roger Greef and Chris Hunter won 17-14. The Triples final has been conceded by the Acle Triple. Under 25 Singles J Wells 21 R Hudson 5. Mixed Pairs S Tucker & D Cawthorne 19 B Meeks & D Goodley 11.

On Sunday 15th March the Mixed Triples and Senior Singles will be played. More information will be posted as soon as possible.

Derbyshire Trophy v North Cambs

Norfolk pull off late win.

Well if there's a get out of jail card free for bowls Norfolk certainly used there's today never being in front till the last end of match. Nth Cambs came out flying and lead 23.12 on 5 ends increasing there lead on 10 ends 41.28. Ends 10 to 15 saw Norfolk begin there comeback trailing by 7 shots 56.49 and by the 20th end we're just 3 shots behind 68.65. A strong finish saw M.Turner’s block score a double to win by 2 shots. The block of B.Sadler scoring 2 threes on the last 2 ends and D. Cawthorne taking out shot bowl to give them a 3 and the match 89.85 and 10 points to 4.

A great team effort by Norfolk who hung in when up against it.Special mention to S.Savoury,L Seppings and D Cawthorne winning there rink 37.12.

Rink scores S.Savoury/L.Seppings/D. Cawthorne 37.12 M. Fox

T. Baker/B. Hunter/B. Sadler 16.27 R. Allen

T. Cooper/J. Wells/M. Riches 16.28 N. Eagle

C.Derry/D.Mills/M.Turner 20.18 B. Ground

NCBA and NCWBA Indoor Championships

Playing schedule for finals being played at Gallow IBC on Sunday 9th February. 9.30am start.

9.30am. Ladies Senior Singles P. Rolph v J. Kirby rink 1

Mens Senior Singles R. Greef v B. Wymer rink 3

Mens Triples T. Cooper/D. Cawthorne/M. Riches v B.Kirby/T Seabourne/G.Punchard rink 4

11.45am. Mixed Triples D. Cawthorne/S. Tucker/M. Riches v M. Elliott/M. Haylett/D. Ramsbottom rink1

U25 singles R. Hudson v J. Wells rink 2

Ladies Triples S. Stacey/J. Ramsbottom/J. Kirby v S. Cooper/J. Miller/S.Rickman rink 3

2 00pm. Ladies Pairs S.Stacey/J.Kirby v J.Miller/S.Rickman rink 2

Mixed Pairs S. Tucker/D.Cawthorne v B.Meeks/D.Goodley rink 3

Ladies Singles M.Haylett v S.Hardingham rink 4

4.15pm Mens Pairs T.Cooper/M.Riches(sub) v R.Greef/C.Hunter rink 2

After first session could all competitors arrive 20 mins early in case sessions can start early thank you.

Mens Singles D. Cawthorne v I. Wones rink 2 is being played Tuesday 4th Feb at 11.30am

Derbyshire Trophy v Hunts

Norfolk traveled to Huntingdon on Sunday in the latest Derbyshire game where they won 10.4 and by 96 shots to 82 to keep them still in with a chance of reaching the final. They got off to a good start and led 21.10 after 5 ends Hunts pegged them back on 10 ends where the scores were 39.33 in Norfolks favour ends 11 to 15 saw Norfolk go 16 points up and by the 20th end they were 77.59. up and eventually ran out 96.82 winners. They travel to Sutton St James next week to take on Nth Cambs hoping to come away with another win.

Rink scores

C. Derry M. Turner D. Mills 26.21 J. Hignett

A. Sayer M. Sparrow B. Sadler 18.23 I. Swannell

T. Cooper T. Baker M. Riches 28.13 R. Greenwood

S. Savoury L. Seppings D. Cawthorne 24.25 R Jepson

Indoor Competitions.

Results of County Competition Semi Finals to be played At Gallow IBC on 12th and 19th January.

Results from semi finals  

Singles D. Cawthorne 21 T. Hardingham 1

I. Wones 21 C. Hunter 18

Senior Singles R. Greef 21 T. Hardingham 20

Pairs R. Greef /C. Hunter 21. L. Neave/T. Hardingham 16

T.Cooper/D. Cawthorne 26.R.Pope/J.Fruin 5

Mixed pairs B. Meeks/D. Goodley 25 S/T Hardingham 12 S Tucker/D. Cawthorne 18 P. Rolph/R. Greef 11

Triples T. Cooper/D Cawthorne /M. Riches W/O

A. Sayer/T.Baker/R Bunton

B.Kirby/T.Seabourne/G.Punchard 19 L.Neave/C.Withers/T Hardingham 12

Mixed Triples S Tucker /D.Cawthorne/M.Riches 24 P Rolph/R Greef/C Hunter 6

M Haylett/M Elliott/D Ramsbottom 20 Y/S/T Hardingham 7

Vertu Honda Cup

Norfolk Executives v Lincs Executives.

Ater winning this trophy for the first time last season the Norfolk Executives travelled to Boston IBC Sunday 24th November hoping to get their defence off to a flying start.

 Lincs took the initiative early on and lead 23.14 on 5 ends increasing there lead at ten by 47 to 30. Norfolk reduced the aggregate on 15 to 15 shots but again lincs rallied over 16/20 ends and lead 83.64. A final push by Norfolk over the last 5 ends reduced the arrears to just 6 shots which sets up an exciting 2nd leg on April 5th at Gallow bowls club.

Rink scores A. Sayer/G. Bonnick/M. Sparrow 31.19 J. Lewis .J. Fruin/C.Blake/B.Sadler 17. 16 G. Parker. R. Bunton/G. Hewitt/T. Hardingham 10.38 R. West. F. Haverson/R. Greef/D. Cawthorne 28.19 S. Reeson.

Norfolk lost 92.86. 8pts to 6

Derbyshire Trophy.

Norfolk v Northants B.

Norfolk opened their winter Inter County campaign on Sunday against Northants at Peterborough I B C. Norfolk got off to a winning start claiming all 14 points against Northants B starting well they lead 32.11 after 5 ends increasing it to 64.23 after 10 ends, winning on 3 rinks.They kept the pressure on and increased there lead at 15 ends to 88.29 after 20 ends the score stood 112.43 with all 4 blocks winning and a final push by all the blocks got them home by 148.54

A great team effort by all the players.  A great start to the season and the team need to keep this momentum going through the rest off the campaign.

Rink scores

T. Cooper/J. Wells/M. Riches 36. 22.M.Duel

C.Derry/M.Turner/D. Mills 36. 13 M. Winnell

S. Savoury/L. Seppings /D. Cawthorne 26.15 D. Noble

A. Sayer /B. Hunter /B. Sadler 50. 4. M. Squires


The AGM of the Norfolk County Bowls Association was held at R G Carter BC on Sunday 10th November. The new County President Matthew Sparrow was given his chain of Office by outgoing President Gary Hewitt. Matthew is believed to be the youngest ever Norfolk President at only 25 years of age. There were a number of other changes as a result of Brian Grint standing down as Press Officer. The following were elected:-

President Matthew Sparrow, Vice President Andy Sayer, Junior Vice President Paul Tree, Chairman John Hudson, Vice Chairman Roy Himpleman, Hon Secretary Jane Watson, Treasurer Roger Greef, Match Secretary David Filby, EBF Delegate Barry Swan, Press Officer David Cole, Outdoor Competition Secretary Trevor Hardingham, Indoor Competition Secretary Andy Sayer, Safeguarding Officer Karen Brooks, Adams Captain John Hudson, Newton Captain Trevor Hardingham, Reg Wright Captain A Team Danny Cawthorne, Reg Wright B Team Captain Gary Hewitt, Executive and Derbyshire Captain Andy Sayer, Under 25 Selectors Jane Watson, Andy Sayer, Barry Swan and Richard Bunton. County League Representatives Hazel Rix, David Cole and Geoff Bonnick.

Burton Cup

South Area retain Trophy.

Played on Sunday 28th July at Marham bowls club, rain put a dampener on the day but not the bowling as Norfolk South team finished winners & again retained the trophy.
Team members were:
Neil Day (Capt)
Ken Day (Beeches)
Paul Lovett (Long Stratton)
Damian Lamb (Gt Plumstead)
Andrew Green, Trevor Leader, & David Beale (Dickleburgh)
Steve Artis & Richard Flaxman (Bawdswell)

Thanks to Marham bowls club for hosting the event and the food & refreshments.


Acle Win Durham Trophy  

In the Durham  Trophy  County Final  Acle St.Edmunds played Swanton Abbott at R.G.Carters in a game  that   was  close all the way.  By  10  ends  Acle were  8  shots up  but by  15  it was reduced  to  4   as  the green  quickened  Swanton settled  and with  5  ends to play  only one shot separated the teams. At  22  ends  Swanton  had moved into a  2  shot lead  but  now  a determined Acle team  took  the initiative  as  they  scored 17  shots over the final 3  ends  to Swanton Abbotts 6  resulting in an Acle win  93 shots to 84.

Results. J.Sparrow 27- M.Wright 14, M.Sparrow  28- C.Blake 22,

                  D.Goodley 24- G.Rice 18,  B.Grint 14- L.Blake 30.

President  Gary Hewitt  presented the Trophy  to Acle  and  thanked R.G. Carters for their  hospitality.

County League

The Championship game for the Norfolk County Federation Bowls league took place at Cawston on Tuesday 13th August between the winners of Premier East Martham and Premier West Cawston.

It was a strange game right from the off with 1 Cawston rink scoring shots at will but on the other 2 rinks it was Martham in the ascendacy. The score at 5 ends stood Martham 22 Cawston 13. The same game pattern continued over the next 5 ends at which stage Martham lead by 14 shots. Martham further cosolidated their lead over ends 11 to 15 increasing their lead to 15 shots. Over the final 3 ends Cawston produced a fightback but it was to little to late as the title went to Martham by 57 shots to 50.

 The Heddy Blyth Trophy was presented to the winning Captain, John Hudson, by the County League Controller Barry Swan.

Rink Scores( Martham first):- S Faircloth,E Lambert & G Hewitt 12 A Deal,N Coverdale & R Dungar 31. A Jones, M Dawson & P Randell 22 R Craske, N Seager & J Harvey 10. R Brooks, P Dowe & G Gallant 23 S Hollingsworth,K Kemp & S Adcock 9.

County Cup Final.

The final of the County Cup was played on Thursday 8th August at Mattishall BC between Gissing and Swanton Abbott.

Gissing started the game well and held a 4 shot lead after 5 ends. Swanton Abbott hit back over the next 5 ends to move in to a 5 shot lead. The gap was reduced to only 1 shot after 15 ends. In a very tight finish Gissing managed to squeeze home by 72 shots to 71.

The County Cup was presented to the winning Captain Simon Thompson by County President Garry Hewitt.

Rink scores(Swanton Abbott first:-L Ohanlon, S Blanche & C Blake 26 M Steep, D Woods & P Whymark 14. R Howard,I Wilson & G Rice 16 E Fairweather,B Royal & S Thompson 23. V Moore, M Wright & J Moore 12 I Groves, R Cornwell & M Coe 20. N Bowman, C Blanche & L Blake 17 C Forster, G Forster & P Forster15.

The County would like to thank Mattishall for the use of their green.

Jason Roope Trophy. Durham Centenary Trophy Qualifier.

Semi Final results.

Swanton Abbott 107 Gissing 84

Acle 114 Kings Lynn 71.

Final to be held on 31st August at R G Carter BC. 2.30pm start.

Subsidiary Cup Final

The final was played at North Walsham New Road between Martham and Holt.

At 5 ends Martham held a 6 shot lead which increased to 7 shots at 10 ends. The lead further increased to 9 shots at 15 ends.  Holt managed to reduce the deficit but after 21 ends Martham ran out winners by 70 shots to 62,

County Cup and Subsidiary Cup.

County Cup Semi Final results. Swanton Abbott 80 Great Plumstead 72. Bawdeswell 59 Gissing 88.

 Final to be played on Thursday 8th August at Mattishal. 6.30pm start. Umpire Barry Swan.

Subsidiary Cup Semi Final results. Docking 65 Martham 87. Dickleburgh 59 Holt 83.

Final to be played on Thursday 1st August at North Walsham New Road 6.30 pm start. Umpire Barry Swan.

 Norfolk County Finals

The County finals were held at the Martham Club on Sunday in sunny weather  day, on a  very well prepared  green and In front of a large  crowd. All  the winners  of the Norfolk County  finals will  now represent the County in the National Finals  in Skegness held in August.

Sen.Mixed Pairs… J and D Crosby 13…….  L and R James 20.

Sen.Pairs    B.Kirby  and B.Grint  21….  ..  R.Cox and D.Webb 11

Sec.Singles   A.Sayer 21 …….   A.Flynn   11.

Under 25 Singles  . R.Lloyd  21 …. A. Deal  18.

Mixed Pairs  C. and M  Turner  18   …… J.Gott and C . Blake  17.

Champion of Champions   C. Richmond  21     … T. Baker  16.

4 Bowl  Singles  …W.Burrage   21   ….. V. Hudson  8 .

Veteran singles   D.Webb 21  …. S.  Elliott  6.

2 Bowl  singles  A. Sayer   21  …   M. Sparrow  16.

Mixed Rinks    P.Hunter,S.Tucker and M.Riches  24  R.and L James and T.Elvin 10.

Under 25 open Pairs  R.Morgan and D. Cawthorne 24  R.Brooks and R.Garman 18.

2 Bowl  Rinks P. Allard, J.Hunter  and P.Webb 23      N.Seager, J.Harvey and R.Craske  5.

3 Bowl Rinks  D.Morton, C.Ramsbottom  and A.Flynn  17  I.London, T.Hardingham  and

                                                                                    G.Gibson 11.

Pairs  M.Eldred and C.Hunter  25     A.Sayer  and R.Bunton  8.

Latest Subsidiary Cup Result

Gressenhall 88 v Wells Elsmith 50

Pulham Market 75 v Martham 79

Subsidiary Cup Semi-Finals

Docking 65 v Martham 87 at Mattishall

Dicklerburgh 59 v Holt 83 at Hingham


Martham v Holt at N Walsham New Road

I wish to thank all Clubs who allowed us to use their greens for these Semi-Finals at to N Walsham for allowing us to use their facilities for the Final and refreshments.

County Competition Finals

Sunday 21st July at Martham BC.

10.00am. Senior Mixed Pairs. J & D Crosby v L & R James.Senior Pairs. B Kirby & B Grint v R Cox & D Webb.Secretaries Singles. A Sayer v A Flynn. Under 25 Singles. A Deal v R Lloyd.

       12.00 noon. Mixed Pairs. J Gott & C Blake v C & M Turner. Champion Of Champions. T Baker v C        Richmond.   4 Bowl Singles. W Burrage v V Hudson. Veterans Singles. D Webb v S Elliott. 2 Bowl        Singles. A Sayer v M    Sparrow.

     2.00pm. Mixed Rinks.p Hunter, S Tucker & M Riches v L James, R James & T Elvin. Under 25 Open Pairs.      R Brooks & R Garman v R Morgan & D Cawthorne. 2 Bowl Rinks. P MAllard, J Hunter & P Webb v N Seagar,  J Harvey & R Craske.    3 Bowl Rinks. D Morton, C Ramsbottom & A Flynn v I London, T Hardingham & T Gibson. Pairs. M Hunter & C Hunter v A Sayer & R Bunton.

County Competitions Semi Finals

Sunday 14th July 2019.

Revised Schedule of play.

9.30am. Mixed Pairs. C & P Dowe v C & M Turner. J Watson & A Sayer v J Gott & C Blake. Under 25 Singles A Deal v R Brooks. R Lloyd v A Baxter. Senior Pairs. B Kirby & B Grint v B Gooch & B Sadler. Pairs. M Eldred & C Hunter v T Punchard & P Randell. Senior Mixed Pairs. J Cockrill & B Wymer v J & D Crosby.

11.30,.Senior Pairs. R Cox & D Webb v C Jones & F Haverson. 2 Bowl Singles. T Gibson v A Sayer. Mixed Rinks. C & M Turner & C Derry v P Hunter, S Tucker & M Riches. 2 Bowl Rinks. P Allard, J Hunter & P Webb v M High, C Ramsbottom & A Flynn. R Hudson, D Cawthorne & R Morgan v N Seager, J Harvey & R Craske. Cham of Champs. C Richmond v K Pantling. W Burrage v T Baker.

1.30pm. Secretaries Singles. B Sadler v A Sayer. Senior Mixed Pairs. L & R James v j & V Hudson. 3 Bowl Rinks M High, C Ramsbottom & A Flynn v R Hudson, D Cawthorne & R Morgan. 2 Bowl Singles. M Sparrow v E Feavearyear. Veterans Singles B Gooch v D Webb. Under 25 Open Pairs. L Siely & A Deal v R Brooks & R Garman.4 Bowl Singles W Burrage v R Greef

3.30pm. 3 Bowl Rinks I London, T Hardingham & T Gibson v E Barber, D Crosby & P Tree. Under 25 Open Pairs. R & W Hudson v R Morgan & D Cawthorne. Pairs D Cole & P Webb v A Sayer & R Bunton. Veterans Singles S Elliott v K Breame. 4 Bowl Singles . G Bowgen v V Hudson. Mixed Rinks. J Harrison, J Clements & J Muir v L & R James & T Elvin. Secretaries Singles A Flynn v T Leeder

 Sad end to Season

At  home to Northants the  County Teams were hoping to  finish the season on a high but it  wasn’t   to  be.  The Newton team  Started well going 30-17 up at 5  ends and 57-48 after 10. Then the rain came and the green changed and the game, by 20  ends  Norfolk were 96-108  down and at 25  119 – 134,  finishing 150 to 161  and 5- 17 pts.

J.Hudson, D.Crosby and C.Hunter 30-24. R.Hudson, B.George and P.Webb  27-25. R.Bailey, R.Simper and M.Sparrow 23-23.  D.Smith, B.Grint  and R.Bunton 28-32. A.Deal , P.Tree  and T.Baker 20-27. S.Hollingsworth , L.Clapham  and P.Forster  22-30.

The Adams Team  were 17 shots down by 10  ends and 21 down by 20 , they  recovered  but  still lost by 11 shots.

M.Whatling, D.Wood  and G.Hewitt  32-24.   R.Anderson-Dungar,  G.Gibson and   P.Whymark 27-22.  R.Brooks, J.Harvey and V.Hudson 24-24. A.sayer, K.Humphrey and M.Jacobs 28-30. E.Clapham, M.Smith  and B.Sadler 36-31. R.Reynolds,  R.Greef  and P.Glover 20-37.

County Cup and Subsidiary Cup Update

County Cup.

G 10 Bawdeswell 81 v Caister (2) 50

Quarter Finals

G14 Swanton Abbott 74 v New Road NW 72

G12 Smallburgh & Dilham 74 v Gt Plumstead 91

G13 Bawdeswell 81 v Cawston 63

G11 Caister (1) 72 v Gissing 75

Semi-Final Neutral greens - Thursday 25th July at 6.30 pm

G16 Swanton Abbott V Great Plumstead at COLTISHALL

G15 Bawdeswell v Gissing at GREAT PLUMSTEAD

Subsidiary Cup

G18 Gressenhall v Wells Elsmith

G21 Dockinig v Acle St Edmunds W/O

G 22 Pulham Market v Martham Awaiting

G19 Tittleshall 65 v Dickleburgh 86

G20 Gressenhall 73 v Holt 75

Semi-Final Neutral Greens - Thursday 18th July at 6.30 pm

G 24 Docking v Pulham Market or Martham  at MATTISHALL

G23 Dickleburgh v Holt at  HINGHAM

Norfolk Sink Suffolk  

Playing away at Huntingdonshire Norfolk’s  Newton Team Baked in hot Blazing Sunshine on a good green at Hemingford. This was always going to be a close game and after 5 ends Norfolk were 21-34 down but by 15  had moved to 81-77  up , by 20 ends the pendulum  had swung back in Huntingdon’s favour with Norfolk 97- 105 down. By  25 ends Norfolk were  back in charge 131-129 and now Norfolk held their nerve and went on to win the game 168-156.

A.Deal, P.Tree and T.Baker 29-23, D.Smith, B.Grint and R.Bunton 29-24. J.Hudson, C.Hunter and R.Steeles 29-25, R.Bailey, R.Simper  and M.Sparrow  27-26 . R.Hudson, B.George  and P.Webb  25-26. S.Hollingworth, K.Humphreys and P.Forster 29-32.

The Under 25 teams entertained Suffolk at  Cawston in front  of a  large crowd and the A Team who have already won the Southern section to Qualify for the National Finals  were intent  to prove why .

Ryan Hudson, Regan Summer and Dan Cawthorne went 14-4 at 10 ends , 23-7 at 15 and won 34-12. Robert Brooks, Ryan Garman  and Jordan Groves were 3-8 down at 10, but by 20  were 20-14  up  and won 26-19. Rhys Lloyd, Edward Lambert  and Dan Mills  were 10-11 at 10 , 17-16  at 20 , finished with a flurry winning 26-16.

Result 86-47

Norfolk B  intended not to be the underdogs and show off their skills. N.Brooks,L.Siely and A.Deal went 11-8 at 10, 22-14 at 20 and won 25-19. T.Linford, G.Siely and B.George  were 10-6 at 10 , then 26-14 at 20 and won 30-18.  W.Hudson, J.Chapman  and N.Moseley  were 10-6 at 10 , 19 each at 20 and in a tense final end drew 22 each.                                  Result 67-47.

The Adams Team also at Hunts  had  a more disappointing result despite winning on 3 rinks.

R.Brooks, J.Harvey, B.Hudson 33-28. S.Reynolds, R.Greef  and P.Glover 35-30. M.Whatling, D.Wood, and D.Cawthorne 24-22.  G.Hewitt, G.Gibson and P.Whymark 20-33 . A Sayer , M.Jacobs and S. Thompson 22-28. T.Anderson- Dungar, E.Chapman and B.Sadler 24-33.

Result  158-174  6-16 pts

 Norfolk’s Youngsters in National  Final.  

Playing away at Huntingdonshire Norfolk under 25’s  were aware that a good win by Norfolk A against Hunts B and a win Norfolk B  against  Hunts A would  send the A Team into the National Final in August.

The A team started well going 21 shots up after just 5  ends and by 15  doubled their lead to 42 shots , with the National finals in  sight  they  went on to win on all rinks and 100 – 47 shots. R.Garman, E.Lambert  and D.Mills  31-22. R.Morgan, R.Simper  and J.Wells 33-10. R.Brooks T.Cooper and J.Groves  36-15.

The B Team Game was a much closer game and all players were determined to send their A Team brethren to the National Final. After 5 ends the game was 10  each , but by 15 it was  33-37. The next 5 ends were crucial as Norfolk moved to 2 shots up and now needed to consolidate their  lead over the final 5 ends, this they did , going on to win 68-55 and 8-2 pts.

J.Chapman, C.Dowe and M. Mosely 24-17,  V . Brooks, L.Siely and A.Deal 26-17.   T.Linford, G.Siely and B.George  18-21

The Adams  Team played North Essex and secured a handsome victory going 41 shots up at 10 ends  77 at  20 ends and finished winning 207- 117 and 20 pts.

S. Reynolds, P.Glover and K.Breame 53-14. L.Leverett,  M.Smith and V.Hudson 26-24. R.Anderson-Dungar,  E.Clapham  and  B.Sadler 30-15.    A.Sayer, M.Jacobs and                  E.Feaveryear 35-19. G.Hewitt, G.Gibson and P.Whymark 39-18. R.Greef, D.Wood and S.Thompson 24-27.

Russell Warne.

Very sad to report that Russell Warne has passed away. Russell was a stalwart of Federation Bowls. He played for the County many times and was Captain of the County Teams. His service to the County and Bowls in general will be sorely missed .

 The family are having a private cremation service which will be followed by a Service of Thanksgiving at St Nicholas Church, North Walsham (The large one just off Market Place NR28 9BP) on Friday 5th July at 2pm.

 Norfolk Youngsters Shine

Away to Suffolk the Norfolk Under 25 teams were  prepared  for  difficult afternoon at Bury St.Edmunds but at the moment with Norfolk A top of the Table confidence was  high. After 10  ends Norfolk had  moved 9 shots up and by 15  were  24 up  , now in complete charge Norfolk were determined to win well and went on to win 95-48 and all  10 pts.

R.Hudson,R.Morgan and D.Cawthorne 32-18. R.Lloyd, T.Cooper  and J.Wells 28-18. R.Brooks J.Groves and D.Mills 35-12.


The  Under 25 B Team were  not going to be out done by The A and went 8 shots up by 10 ends but by 15 were  37 each , a determined look on everyone’s face told the story as they went 12 up  by 20 and went on to win 75-60 with all rinks winning, and all 10 pts.

T.Linford, L.Siely and A.Deal 26-25. W.Hudson V.Brooks and B.George 25-16.C.Dowe,G.Siely and N.Moseley 24-19.

In the Newton Trophy Norfolk travelled to Upwell  to play North Cambridgeshire on a wet and windy Saturday.  With all players wrapped up in waterproofs and an assortment of white hats it was Cambridge who settled to the conditions going  14 shots up at 10 ends and then 23 up at  20 ends. As the rain stopped Norfolk  rallied  with Matty Sparrow scoring 9 shots without reply, Peter Forster 8  and Paul Webb 8  in the next 5 ends and by 25 ends Norfolk were only 6 shots behind.  Unfortunately  although  the gap closed  the final ends were again crucial as  North Cambs.  Won 171 – 166.

R.Hudson, B. George  and P.Webb 35-24. S.Hollingsworth, K.Humphreys and P.Forster 32-23. M.Whatling,  R.Simper and M.Sparrow 32-25. R.Bailey, C,Hunter and B.Grint 23-30. R.Brooks, R.Steggles  and P.Randell 23-34. D.Smith, P.Tree  and R.Bunton 21-35.

Norfolk Under 25’s  Top the Bill

At  home to Huntingshire the Under 25  A. team finished in style, having to win the final ends they kept their concentration and won by 4 shots. This result  puts them in a good position and have a positive chance  to go to the National finals.

 R.Lloyd,R.Simper and J.Wells won 27-17. R.Hudson, R.Garman and  D.Cawthorne  won 25-23,  E.Lambert, J. Cooper and  D.Mills   lost 19-27.

The B Team playing Hunts B won on all  rinks , T.Linford, V.Brooks and A.Deal 23-20. N.Brooks, G.Siely and C.Dowe 30-15. W.Hudson, J.Chapman and B.George 23-15.

Playing Lincolnshire the Newton Team  knew from experience that it was  going to be a tough game and it turned out to be a repeat of the week before. After  10 ends Norfolk were 63-46  up  but by 20 it was all square at 117  each. The final 11 ends  were close  but Lincs. found that extra piece of magic and won 186 – 163 with Norfolk only winning on one rink but three others fighting to the final ends.

M.Whatling , R.Bailey and M. Sparrow 29-25.  R.Hudson, B.George and  P.Webb 25-27. R.Brooks, P.Tree and P.Randell 34-36 . L.Clapham,B.Grint and C. Hunter 25-29. S.Hollingsworth, K.Humphrey and P.Forster 24-33. D.Smith, D.Rookyard and R.Bunton 26-36.

Adams team playing Lincs at  Holt were  8 shots up at 5 ends but by 10 were 12  down, by 20 ends   the deficit was down to 5 shots but Lincolnshire  held on to win  by 18 shots.

A.Sayer, M.Jacobs and E.Feaveryear  38-21. J.Harvey , M.Smith and V.Hudson 27-22. R.Greef, D.Wood and S.Thompson 24-28. R.Anderson-Dungar, E.Clapham and B.Sadler  22-26. G.Hewitt, G.Gibson and N. Patrick 23-35. S.reynolds, P.Glover and K.Breame 20-40.

Result 154-172 and 4-18 pts                                                   



Under 25’s Norfolk A v Norfolk B.

Played at Cawston the Norfolk A Team had to play the Norfolk B Team and the selectors ability were on trial. The A team had R.Hudson, R.Morgan and D.Cawthorne playing L.Siely, V.Brooks and A.Deal and by 15 ends the A team were 24-9 up but the final 10 ends saw the B team fight back and it finished 30-20. R.Brooks, R.Garman and J.Groves played N.Brooks , C. Dowe and E.O-Hanlon for the B and here too the A team went into a comfortable lead at 15 ends and were 19-8 up but the B team block were not going to give up as they scored 10 shots to the A’s 4 and the final score was 18-23. R.Lloyd, R.Simper and J.Wells for the A played W.Hudson, J.Chapman and B.George and this game kept tight and at 15 it was 17-11 to the A Team but the A Team went on to win 27-16.

Result Norfolk A 80 -- Norfolk B 54.

Norfolk and Suffolk Battle

Away to Suffolk the Norfolk county bowls teams were aware of the battle the local derby would be. The Adams Team quickly found the Suffolk Cavalry in full flow and by 10 ends were 18 shots down , Norfolk attempted to return fire but ten ends later the score had moved to 96 shots to 131. Strong sunshine and a smooth running green the Suffolk team were enjoying their home advantage and continued to dominate going 38 shots up with 6 ends to play. The final few ends however had two blocks catching up and one of G.Hewitt, G.Gibson and P. Whymark leading the Norfolk charge as they won 35-27. A.Sayer, M.Jacobs and E. Feaveryear losing 31-32 and S,Reynolds, P.Glover and K.Breame 26-28. R.Anderson-Dungar, E.Clapham and B.Sadler 17-34, J.Harvey, M.Smith and D,Hudson 24-35 and R.Greef, D.Wood and S.Thompson 15-43.

Result Norfolk 148 - 2pts. Suffolk 199 – 20pts

The Newton team found the Suffolk green extremely quick at Halesworth and needed to adjust quickly. By 10 ends were 2 shots up but with 4 rinks losing but by 20 ends they had moved to be 18 shots up with 5 rinks winning and confidence high. With 6 ends to play Norfolk were now only 5 shots up and had 3 blocks winning. Former E.D. P. Bowls reporter Bert Westwood had a well known saying in County bowls, “ Games are won or lost in the last 6 ends”and this was the case as Suffolk troops rallied scoring 38 shots to Norfolks 11. D.Smith, D.Rookyard,and R.Bunton 32-27, M,Whatling, R.Simper and M.Sparrow 27-22, S.Hollingsworth, R.Steggles and P.Randall 27-25, R.Bailey, K.Humphrey and P.Forster 28-27, R.Hudson ,B.George and P.Webb 21-29.L.Clapham, B.Grint and C.Hunter 13-29.

Result Norfolk 148 - 8 pts, Suffolk 159 – 14pts.

County Cup Results

G6 Swanton Abbott 144 v Tittleshall 34

G7 Docking 77 v N W New Road 82

G9 Acle St. Edmund 62 v Smallburgh & Dilham 87

G2 Gt Plumstead 95 v Gressenhall 69

G5 Martham 71 v Bawdeswell 84

G8 Caister (2) 78 v Holt 68

G4 Cawston 77 v Dickleburgh 76

G3 Caister (1) 91 v Pulham Market 69

G1 Gissing 98 v Wells Elsmith 60

Preliminary Round to be played by 07/06/2019

G10 Bawdeswell v Caister (2)

Quarter Finals to be played by 07/07/2019

G14 Swanton Abbott v N W New Road

G12 Smallburgh & Dilham (Playing Away) v Gt Plumstead

G13 WG 10 v Cawston

G11 Caister (1) v Gissing

Subsidiary Cup Draw

Preliminary Round to be played by 07/06/2019

G18 Gressenhall v Wells Elsmith

Quarter Finals to be played by 14/07/2019

G21 Docking v Acle St. Edmund

G22 Pulham Market v Martham

G19 Tittleshall v Dickleburgh

G20 WG18 v Holt

Ventu Honda Patrons Cup v Lincolnshire.

In the second year of this competition Norfolk’s Executives travelled to Louth IBC on 7th April for the return leg in this years games.

After a comfortable win in the Home game the Norfolk team just needed to keep the game close to win the Trophy.

After 5 end Lincs held a 8 shot lead. After 10 ends Norfolk had moved into the lead by 2 shots but were only winning on 1 of the 4 rinks. However the Norfolk players picked up their game and had increased their lead to 10 shots after 15 ends and 33 shots at 20 ends. Norfolk finally ran out winners by 98 shots to 68. Winning on 3 of the 4 rinks.

Rink scores. F Haverson,R Greef & D Cawthorne 26-17.J Fruin,G Hewitt & T Hardingham 23-17. D Cole, J Hudson & B Sadler 15-24. A Sayer, R Bunton & V Hudson 34-10.


NCBA and NCWBA County Indoor Finals.


The County Finals were held at Acle Indoor Bowls Club on Sunday 10th February and Acle Players dominated, winning eight of the eleven championships .

In the Ladies Triples S. Stacey, G. Xuereb and J. Kirby {Acle} started well playing S.Cooper,J.Miller and S.Rickman [N.walsham] and by 10 ends the Acle trio were 11-5 up and went on to win 21-9. The mixed Triples had M.Elliott, M.Haylett and D. Ramsbottom [Acle] up against S.Tucker, M. Riches and S.King [Gallows] and at 10 ends were 10 each , by 15 ends Acle had moved to a 20-11 lead and they went on to win 22-15.

In the Mens Senior Singles T Elvin [N.Walsham] played J. Fruin [Acle] and after 10 ends Fruin was 8-5 up and at 15 11-8, in a close protracted game a maximum of 4 shots by Fruin gave him the advantage and he eventually won 21-15. The Ladies Pairs was an all Acle Duel with M.Haylett and E.Cole playing S.Stacey and J.Kirby in a game that swung back and forth and with 3 ends to play Cole had the advantage 21-18 and went on to win 23-20.

The Mens Pairs was between M.Riches and B.Hunter [Gallows] and L.Neave and T.Hardingham [N.Walsham] with the Gallows pair in good form and they won 19-14. In the Mixed Pairs  , L and T Cator(Ashhill) playing P.Rolph and R.Greef(Woodlands) and after 10 ends Greef was 9-4 up and kept the advantage to win 20-11.

In the Ladies singles M.Haylett played G.Reeve both from Acle and previously Reeve had beaten Haylett 21-12 in the Ladies senior singles but this time Haylett peppered the jack and dominated to win 21-4. The Mens triples between J.Colcombe,T.Dunton and D.Mills [Acle] and T.Cooper, D.Cawthorne and M.Riches[ Gallows] this was a very high quality game with the Acle trio winning 23-16.

The under 25 Singles had been played previously with D.Mills [Acle] winning against D.Cawthorne [Gallows] 21-8 and D.Cawthorne also had played the Mens Singles against T.Elvin [N.Walsham] and Cawthorne was the victor 21-9.

All the County Champions now go on to play at Newark at the National Finals on 23rd to 28th April.

Derbyshire Trophy

Norfolk beat North Cambs 96.78(12.2)

 rink scores
T. Cooper T. Baker M. Riches 24 D. Staunton 21
C.Derry M.Turner D. Mills 19. J. Findley 24
L.Seppings C. Reed D. Cawthorne 24. F. Howard 21
A.Sayer R. Bunton B. Sadler 29. J. Ivatt 12

County Championships.

Playing Schedule. Sunday 10th February Acle IBC.
10am Senior singles T. Elvin v J. Fruin rink 5
Mixed triples M. Haylett M. Elliott D. Ramsbottom v S. Tucker sub for D. Cawthorne S. King rink 4
Ladies triples S. Cooper J. Miller S. Rickman v G. Xuereb S. Stacey J. Kirby rink 3
12.30 Pairs B. Hunter S. King v L. Neave T. Hardingham rink 3
Mixed pairs T&L Cator v P. Rolph R. Greef rink 5
Ladies pairs. M. Haylett E. Cole v S. Stacey J. Kirby rink 2
3.00 Triples T. Cooper D. Cawthorne S. King v J. Colcombe T. Dunton D. Mills rink 5
Ladies Singles/or Senior M. Haylett v G. Reeve rink3
Sessions may start early if all players are ready

Derbyshire Trophy.
 Result from 27th Jan against Huntingdonshire
Norfolk 107 Hunts 81 (12.2)
C.Derry M. Turner D.Mills 33 R. Jepson 15
L.Seppings A. Stimson D. Cawthorne 28 E. Elmore 20
A. Sayer B. Hunter B. Sandler 22 J. Randell 21
T.Cooper R. Morgan M. Riches 24 R. Greenwood 25

County Championships.

Results from 20th January at Acle IBC

Semis Senior singles T. Elvin 21 T. Cator 7
Mixed pairs P. Rolph R. Greef 21.B.Meeks D. Goodly 15
Mixed triples S.Tucker D. Cawthorne S. King 24 Y. S. & T. Hardingham 12
U25s Final D. Mills 21 D. Cawthorne 8
Singles Final D. Cawthorne 21. T. Elvin 9

Indoor County Championships.

Results from. Sunday 13th January.
Singles D. Cawthorne 21 A. Sayer 13
T. Elvin 21 M. Elliott 18
Senior singles J, Fruin 21 R, Greef 6
Mixed Pairs [ prelim] B. Meeks/D. Goodley 15 T&S. Hardingham 12
Triples T. Cooper D. Cawthorne S. King 20 A. Sayer T. Baker V. Hudson 15
J. Colcombe T. Dunton D. Mills 27 L. Neave T. Hardingham G. Gibson 9
Mixed Pairs T&L.Cator W/O v S&S. King

Apart from mixed pairs prelim the rest were all semi finals.

Sunday 20th January playing schedule.

10am senior singles T. Elvin v T. Cator
Mixed Pairs R. Greef P. Rolph v B. Meeks D. Goodley
Mixed Triples S. Tucker D. Cawthorne S. King v T. S&Y Hardingham

12.30pm Pairs D. Goodley R. Garman v T. Hardingham L. Neave
S. King B. Hunter v A. Sayer R. Bunton

Under 25s Final D. Mills v D. Cawthorne

2.30/3.00 Singles Final D. Cawthorne v T. Elvin

Derbyshire Trophy

Norfolk won their opening game in this season Derbyshire Trophy against Northants B by 102 shots to 73 picking up 12 points.

Rink scores:- L Seppings, V Hudson & D Cawthorne 20-21. C Derry, M Turner & D Mills 26-21. A Sayer, T Baker & S King 32-11. T Cooper, J Wells & M Riches 24-20.

Jason Roope Shield Final.

The Jason Roope Shield final was held at Acle on Saturday between Gissing and Cawston , a game that is over 25 ends and the winners will represent Norfolk in the National Area play offs next year. Early in the game Gissing had one rink dominating but the other 3 rinks were Cawstons and as the game progressed Cawston increased their lead to 24 shots, a late rally by Gissing however proved to be not enough as Cawston won 88 -77. Photo on Team Competition page.

National Champions

At The National Finals at Skegness the warm weather helped Norfolk players into 7 Semi Finals and eventually into 4 finals. Sheena Siely in the Ladies 4Bowl singles lost 15-21, and Marion Himpleman lost 10-21 in the Champion of Champions in two very high quality games. The Ladies Senior Singles saw Linda Blake of Swanton Abbott win her semi final 21-10 but the final was a much closer affair against Margaret Dyke of Humberside and at 20 each it was Linda who was victorious.

The Mixed Pairs had close Games with Lianne Mills and Skip Paul Webb of R.G. Carters having to produce some match saving shots and the prospect of a nerve jangling final against Huntingtonshire ‘s Chloe and Nicky Brett. But the Norfolk Pair were the Class act on the day finding the green and weight early and went on to win 24-9.

Swanton Abbott win County Cup.

The final of Norfolk’s premier roving jack competition was played North Walsham New Road between Acle and Swanton Abbott.

The first 5 ends gave no indication of how the game would go. Only 1 shot seperated the teams with Swanton Abbott leading 19-18.

From this point on the game was very one sided as Swanton Abbott took complete control. By 10 ends.  they lead by 18 shots. At 15 ends the score was Acle 39 Swanton Abbott 74.

After 18 ends the final score was Acle 51 Swanton Abbott 108.

Rink scores(Acle first):- P McCabe, G Xureb & G Reeve 12 V Moore, D Peers & J Moore 21, T Linford, A Linford & M Himpleman 12 C Blanche, S lee & L Blake 32, R Hayton, B Coverley & D Goodley 13 N Bowman, M Wright & I Wones 27, J Greenacre, R Jay & M Sparrow 14 S Westgate, T Neild & C Blake 28.

Wootton Park win The County League Title.

After 14 weeks of competitive bowls the winners of the NCBA Premier East and Premier West Division faced each other on Tuesday night at Horsford BC to see who would take the League Championship.

The teams involved were Gissing and Wootton Park.

Wootton Park started strongly taking a 6 shot lead after 5 Ends. This increased to 7 shots at 10 ends and 16 shots at 15 ends. With the Triple skipped by Ian Whiley leading the way Wootton Park ran out comfortable winners after 18 ends by 60 shots to 37.

The County League Championship Trophy was presented to the winning Captain, Vernon Hudson, by County President Eddie Barber.

Rink Scores:- (Gissing First);- M Jolly, M Coe & P Whymark 7 D Bunkle, R Bly & I Whiley 26. D Last, S Forster & S Thompson 14 A Sayer, M Smith & N Blythe 21. E Fairweather, J Jolly & P Forster 16 T Baker, P Graveling & V Hudson 13.

Subsidiary Cup Final Report.

The Final of the Subsidiary Cup was played at Smallburgh and Dilham BC on Thursday 2nd August between Martham and Pulham Market.

Both teams started well and after 5 ends Martham held a 1 shot lead. The next 5 ends saw Martham increase their lead to 11 shots. Pulham Market reduced the magin by 1 shot over ends 11 to 15 but by the 18th end the gap had increased again to 17 shots. Over the last 3 ends Martham maintained their advantage and ran out winners by 78 shots to 62.

The Subsidiary Cup was presented to the Martham team by County President Eddie Barber.

Rink Scores(Martham first):- S Faircloth, J Hudson & G Bowgen 22 H Smith, K Butler & R Browne 17.     J Dyball, T Punchard & P Randell 11 J Elliott, A Bell & A Thompson 20. A Jones, C Starkings & G Hewitt 20 D Elle, I Miller & C Williams 12. R Brooks, C Dowe & G Gallant 25 B Hume, P Brown & A Whatling 13.

Photo of winning Martham Team on Team Competition page.

County Cup Semi Finals.

Acle v Gt Plumstead 66-65

Holt v Swanton Abbott 75-78

Subsidiary Cup Semi Finals

Tittleshall v Pulham Market 57-85

Martham v Gissing 81 – 61

County Cup Final on 9th August at 6.30pm Venue New Road North Walsham – Umpire Barry Swan

Acle v Swanton Abbott .

Subsidiary Cup Final on 2nd August at 6.30 Venue Smallburgh & Dilham - Umpire Barry Swan

Pulham Market v Martham.

The County would like to thank all neutral green Clubs for their use and all the club officials for their time and efforts.

County Competition Results.

2 Bowl Singles. T Elvin 20 D Mills 21.

4 Bowl Singles. I Wones 21 W Burrage 19.

Champion of Champion Singles. B Footer 16 W Burrage 21

Veterans Singles. P Randell 8 E Feavearyear 21.

Under 25 Singles. A Stimson 21 D Cawthorne 18.

Secretaries Singles. B Sadler 21 D Wood 18.

Pairs. N Blyth & V Hudson 20 C Ramsbottom & A Flynn 11

Senior Pairs. P Allard & P Glover 13 J Rusted & A Bateson 22.

Mixed Pairs. L Mills & P Webb 21 B Masters & N Howell 17 after extra end.

Senior Mixed Pairs. S Moore & C Starkings 6 D Bateson & A Bateson 23.

Under 25 Open Pairs. R Brooks & R Garman 11 A Chalk & S Blanche 23.

2 Bowl Rinks. P Allard, D Cole & P Webb 11 R Lloyd, B Gooch & B Sadler 25.

3 Bowls Rinks. G Wilmott, P Rye & N Patrick 16 C Derry, N Gant & M Turner 19.

Mixed Rinks. R Himpleman, M Himpleman & D Mills 16 C Turner, C Derry & M Turner 24.

County Semi Final results for Sunday 15th July.

2 Bowls Singles V Hudson 16 Tony Elvin 21. D Mills 21 W Burrage 19

4 Bowl Singles W Burrage 21 D Mills 20. I Wones 21 A Sayer 10.

Champion of Champions Singles. B Footer 21 T Elvin 7. D Mills 14 W Burrage 21

Veterans Singles R Bunton 11 P Randell 21. T Thrower 13 E Feavearyear 21.

Secretaries Singles A Sayer 19 D Wood 21. J Anniss 20 B Sadler 21.

Under 25 Singles  R Lloyd 11 A Stimson 21. D Cawthorne 21 D Mills 11

Pairs D Wood & S Thompson 9 N Blyth & V Hudson 20. R Lloyd & B Sadler 15 C Ramsbottom & A Flynn 22.

Senior Pairs B Grint & B Kirby 12 P Allard & P Glover 17. D Filby & K Wilby 13 J Rusted & A Bateson 19.

Mixed Pairs S Hardingham & T Hardingham 8 L Mills & P Webb 22. B Masters & N Howell 18 J Kirby & D Mills 13.

Senior Mixed Pairs S Moore & C Starkings 17 L Blake & B Sadler 12. D Bateson & A Bateson 16 L Cator & T Cator 13,

Open Under 25 Pairs. R Brooks & R Garman 18 J Larter & D Mills 13. A Chalk & S Blanche 16 A Stimson & M Sparrow 14.

2 Bowl Rinks R Cardew, L Leverett & M Leverett 14 P Allard, D Cole & P Webb 23. J Anniss, A Siely & D Mills 9 R Lloyd, B Gooch & B Sadler 22.

3 Bowl Rinks G Wilmott, P Rye & N Patrick 19 R Brooks, G Gallant & G Hewitt 17. I Wones, J Moore & C Blake 14 C Derry, N Gant & M Turner 15.

Mixed Rinks J Hudson, N Blyth  & V Hudson 18 R Himpleman, M Himpleman & D Mills 21. S Westgate, C Blanche & S Blanche 11 C Turner, C Derry & M Turner 21.

County Cup and Subsidiary Cup Update.

County Cup Quarter Final results

Acle St Edmunds v Caister. Caister Conceded

Sculthorpe v Gt Plumstead 63 – 86

New Road N.Walsham v Holt 52 – 107

Swanton Abbott v Whissonsett 96 – 56

Subsidiary Cup Quarter Final Results

Tittleshall v Gressenhall 87 – 58

Bye v Pulham Market

Cawston v Martham 71 – 88

Smallburgh & Dilham v Gissing 65 – 78

County Cup Semi-Finals on Neutral Greens Date Thursday 26th July, 2018 at 6.30

Acle St Edmunds v Gt. PLumstead Burlingham

Holt v Swanton Abbott Cawston

Subsidiary Cup Semi-Finals on Neutral Greens Date Thursday 19th July, 2018 at 6.30

Tittleshall v Pulham Market @  Great Plumstead

Martham v Gissing @ Acle

Norfolk Newton Triumph

At home to Huntingdonshire the Norfolk Newton Team started well in overpowering heat and a running green going 34 -15 up after 5 ends. Halfway through the game they maintained their momentum and were 91-65 with 4 rinks winning, with the water bottles providing essential sustenance they went on to a good win 172 – 157. And 16 – 6 pts.

A.Deal, J. Harvey and B. Hunter 41-24. D. Smith, R. Greef and R. Bunton 34-21. R. Brooks, B. Grint and P. Randell 33-23. E. Barber, D. Crosby and P. Forster 22-26. R. Bailey, K. Humphrey and W. Downie 25-30. M.Whatling, D. Rookyard and P.Whymark 17-33.

The Adams team went 13 shots down after 5 ends and this start proved to be vital as they tried to pull back the deficit, by 20 ends they were 37 shots adrift and a late rally made an interesting finish but they lost by 11 shots, 150-161 and 6-16 pts.

A.Sayer, L.Leverett and E. Feavearyear 29-20. L.Clapham D.Woods and S. Thompson 30-23.

T Cooper,G.Gibson and D. Cawthorne 28-23. R. Anderson-Dungar, E.Clapham and B.Sadler 28-29. G.Hewitt, P.Glover and M. Jacobs 21-27. S.Reynolds , T.Cator and K.Breame 14-39.

 Norfolk Adams Team Win

Last Saturday Norfolk County Adams Team played North Cambridgeshire a

t Holt and were looking for their first win and started well going 19 shots up after just 5 ends. Over the next ten ends Norfolk established themselves in charge and were 41 shots up , they continued their supremacy and won the game 213 shots to 134 and 18-4 pts.


R. Anderson-Dungar , E. Clapham and B.Sadler 47-13. G.Hewitt, P. Glover and M.Jacobs 49-17. A. Sayer, L. Leverett and E. Feavearyear 38-22. L.Clapham D.Wood and S.Thompson 33-18. S.Reynolds, T. Cator and K. Breame 25-33. T.Cooper, G.Gibson and D. Cawthorne 21-31.

This Week the Adams Team played Essex at Sudbury and were hoping to continue their form with a win. By 10 ends Norfolk were 22 shots up and from that point needed to consolidate their lead and control the game, this they did 33 shots up at 20 ends and went on to win 170 – 145 and 18-4 pts.


T.Cooper, G.Gibson and D. Cawthorne 37-21. R. Anderson Dungar, E. Clapham and B. Sadler 31 – 16. S. Reynolds, T. Cator and K. Breame 34-26. A. Sayer, J. Harvey and E. Feavearyear 27-21. L. Clapham, D. Wood and S. Thompson 23-31. G. Hewitt, P. Glover and M. Jacobs 18-30.

 County Cup Qualifying Round Results and First Round plus Sub Cup

G7 Acle 82 v Tittleshall 62

G5 Caister 73 v Pulham Market 65

G1 Sculthorpe 76 v Smallburgh & Dilham 72

G6 Gt Plumstead v Wells (Conceded)

G3 New Road N.W. 76 v Gressenhall 52

G2 Martham 70 v Holt 88

G8 Cawston 66 v Swanton Abbott 74

G4 Whissonsett 76 v Gissing 75

First Round to be played by 08-07-2018

G12 Acle v Caister

G9 Sculthorpe v Gt Plumstead

G11 New Road N.W. v Holt

G10 Swanton Abbott v Whissonset

Subsidiary Cup

Quarter Final to be played by 15-07-2018

G19 Tittleshall v Gressenhall

G17 Bye v Pulham Market

G18 Cawston v Martham

G16 Smallburgh & Dilham v Gissing

Norfolk Lose to Lincs

Norfolk County Adams Team needed to win in Boston on Saturday after losing to Suffolk in the Southern National League the week before, But they Found the Lincolnshire lads on top form. After 10 ends the Linc’s team were15 shots up and never looked back going on to win 198 and 18 pts. to Norfolk 161 shots and 4 pts.

E.Clapham, D.Wood and S. Thompson 24 – 36, R. Anderson-Dungar,E. Clapham, B Sadler 35-26, A. Sayer, L.Leverett and E. Feaveryear 39-30, G. Hewitt, P Glover, M Jacobs 25-29, M Sparrow,G. Gibson, D Cawthorne 23-48, S Reynolds, T. Cator, K Breame 15-29.

The Newton Team in Lincoln were involved in another close game, going 50-38 up at 10 ends but by 20 were 86-96 down, as with the previous week a see saw game was going to the very last bowl and it did with the Lincs skip drawing two good final bowls.

Norfolk 151 and 6 pts Lincolnshire 153 and 16 pts.

J. Hudson, J Harvey, B Hunter 35-18, D Smith ,R Greef, R Bunton 25-21. E Barber, P. Forster, P Whymark 32-25. A Deal, B. Grint, P Randell 18-34. M whatling, D Rookyard, P Cooke 19-30, D Crosby, P Tree, C Hunter 22-25.

On Sunday the Under 25 teams had to play each other in the Southern National League at Cawston and the result went with the form book, but the B Team started the better and at 10 ends were 26-19 , 5 ends later the A side had gone 39-35 up.

Result Norfolk A First.

R.Lloyd,R Simper, M Sparrow 23 v R Brooks, V Brooks, D, Cook 15

N Moseley, C Dowe, J. Wells 21 v J. Chapman, B George, E.Lambert 22.

R. Hudson,J.Groves, D. Cawthorne. 33 v L. Siely, W. Taylor, A. Deal 20

Norfolk teams to take on Lincolnshire on 2nd June.

The Norfolk teams travel to Lincolnshire on 2nd June for the second game in this years Adams Trophy and Newton Trophy.

Adams Captain David Filby has selected the following team: A Sayer, L Leverett, E Feaveayear, S Reynolds, T Cator, K Breame, M Sparrow, G Gibson, D Cawthorne, G Hewitt, P Glover, M Jacobs, R Anderson Dungar, E Clapham, B Sadler, L Clapham, D Woods, S Thompson.

For the Newton Trophy Captain Trevor Hardingham has selected:E Barber, R Bunton, R Brooks, R Greef, P Cooke, D Crosby, A Deal, P Forster, B Grint, J Harvey, B Hunter, C Hunter, P Randell, D Rookyard, D Smith, P Tree, M Whatling, P Whymark.

Norfolk Suffolk Derby

Norfolk County Bowlers started their campaign in the English Southern Area League against neighbours Suffolk at home.

The Norfolk Newton Trophy Team Started well on the green at Carters and after 10 ends were 4 shots up with 4 rinks winning but by 20 ends Suffolk were 10 shots up and had 5 rinks winning. The game swung back to Norfolk’s favour going 4 shots up 5 ends later. Over the final 6 ends it swung back and forth but it eventually went to Suffolk’s advantage as they scored 38 shots to Norfolk’s 26.

Final result Norfolk 157, and 6 pts. Suffolk 165 and 16 pts.

Results: - . Clapham ,D. Woods, S. Thompson 33-18. R. Brooks, J. Harvey, B. Hunter 29-23. A.Deal, B.Grint , P. Randell 26-23. M. Whatling, D. Rookyard, P. Cook 26-33. E. Barber, P.Forster, P. Whymark 24-33. D.Crosby, P.Tree, C. Hunter 19-35.

The Adams Team at Holt also started well going 16 shots up after 5 ends, and were still 7 shots up after 10, but the next 10 ends were crucial with Norfolk only scoring 36 shots while Suffolk scored 70 and were now 27 shots up on the game and winning on 5 rinks. From this point the scoring was evenly balanced and despite Norfolk fighting hard to address the balance, Suffolk held on.

Result Norfolk 147 and 4pts, Suffolk 179 and 18 pts.

T Cooper G Gibson D Cawthorne 20-26. A Sayer L Leverett E Feavearyear 29 – 23. R Greef E Clapham B Sadler 19—34. S Reynolds T Cator K Breame 28-27 .

R Anderson-Dungar P Glover M Sparrow 28-33

D Smith G Hewitt M Jacobs 23-36.

On Sunday the Norfolk Under 25 also played Suffolk at Cawston with the Norfolk A squad winning on all rinks and 10- 0 pts while the B Squad won 6 – 4.

Day 4 Newark. Indoor National Championships.

Great News for Norfolk as they pick up their first title. The pairing Of Dan Seabourne and Ian Wones picked up the first title for Norfolk today. They won the Semi Final 26-7 and then faced Durham in the final where they produced a superb 23-6 win to take the title.

There wasn’t such good news for M Haylett and I Wones in the Mixed Pairs as they lost the Semi Final 21-8 to Hunts.

Dan Seabourne had a busy day as in addition to the Pairs he also had two games in the Under 25 Singles. He was obviously in great form as he won 21-1 and then 21-8 in the Semi Final.

The Ladies Pair of Louise Knights and Carole Baker were not so lucky as they lost in the Final against Northumberland.

In the Ladies Senior Singles Mel Haylett won 21-14 and then 21-8 in the Semi Final to make her way into tomorrows final.

Day 3 Newark. Indoor National Championships

There were two wins for Dan Seabourne and Ian Wones in the Mens Pairs. Firstly they beat North Cambs 26-8 following this up with a 24-11 win against Northants. They are now through to the Semi Final where they face Durham.

In the Mixed Pairs Mel Haylett and Ian Wones also had two wins. In there first game they beat North Essex 23-10 and then North Cambs 20-17. They are through to the Semi Final where they will meet Hunts.

In the Under 25 Singles D Seabourne won his first game against Northants but in the Senior Singles Roger Greef lost to Cleveland.

The Ladies Pair of Louise Knights and Carol Baker have made in through to the Final. They beat Humberside 19-18 before winning the Semi Final 23-12 against Cleveland.

Day 2 Newark. Indoor National Championships.

There were 3 wins and two losses for Norfolk bowlers on Day 2 of the National Championships at Newark.

In the Ladies Singles Linda Blake won 21-10 v Lincolnshire, Roger Greef won his Senior Singles game 21-9 v Northumberland and in the Ladies Pairs L Knight and C Baker won against Hunts. Score not to hand.

In the Mixed Rinks Semi Final there was disappointment  as the Norfolk Trio lost 19-14 against Durham. D Cawthorne also lost in the Mens Singles 21-18.

Day 1 Newark . Indoor National Championships.

   The opening day of this years indoor finals saw two good wins in the Mixed Triples. D Seabourne, M Haylett and I Wones opened with a 28-5 win over North Esssex then had a very good win 21-15 against E Brett, E Elmore and N Brett (Hunts).

The ladies and Men’s Rinks both lost close first round games. The ladies by 17-10 to Northumberland and the Men 19-14 to Durham.

Norfolk win against Northants A

Norfolks slim hopes of Derbyshire success are still alive after beating northants a 12.2. (128.64)

Rink scores

A.Sayer J.Rusted V.Hudson 21.R.Martin 25

T.Baker N.Blyth I.Whiley 41. S.Law 10

C.Derry R.Bunton M.Riches 25 J.Harford 20

T.Cooper B.Hunter S.King 41 M.Dolby 9

Norfolk County Indoor Finals

The County Indoor Finals were held at Woodlands on Sunday 11th February 2018, with all the

winners representing Norfolk in the National Finals at Newark, which begin on 23rd April.

The Men’s Triples was between Tom Cooper, Mark Riches and Daniel Cawthorne of Gallows

and Dan Mills, John Colcombe and Tony Dunton of Acle. At 11 ends Acle led by 12 shots to 5,

however on the 13th Acle dropped a 4 but bounced back with a 4 on the 14th going on to win


Mixed Triples had Colin & Linda Blake with Bryan Sadler of North Walsham against Mel

Haylett, Daniel Seabourne and Ian Wones, Acle, who were 13-6 up at 10 ends going on to win


Men’s Pairs saw Daniel Seabourne and Ian Wones against Tom Cooper and Daniel Cawthorne.

On the 11th end the Acle pair picked up a 4 to go 13-5 up but by 15 ends the Gallows pair had

fought back to 13-10. And in a close game Acle won 18-15.

The Ladies’ Triples had Carol Neeve, Sharon Rickman and Linda Blake, N. Walsham playing

Lynne Cannell, Geraldine Reeve and Barbara Meeks, Acle with the Walsham ladies going up

14- 4 after 10 ends. North Walsham continued to dominate with the final score being 21-9.

The Men’s Senior Singles was between Roger Greef, Woodlands and Barney Wymer, Acle. The

early ends produced a close match but Greef went on to lead 16-9 and, after a brief rally by

Wymer, eventually went on to win 21-14.

The Ladies’ Senior Singles was played at an earlier date with Mel Haylett winning 21 -11

against Linda Blake as was the Ladies’ singles with Linda Blake beating Shiela Hardingham 21-

8 with both of N. Walsham.

Men’s singles was between Colin Blake and Daniel Cawthorne. Cawthorne made a good start

and held 15- 5 but despite Blake rallying, Cawthorne went on to an emphatic win of 21-10.

Mixed pairs were Mel Haylett with Ian Wones playing Linda Blake and Bryan Sadler. Wones

and Haylett were always on top and with a score of 25 – 15 were 10 up with 2 ends to play.

Under 25 singles was Tom Cooper playing Daniel Seabourne. Despite Cooper’s best efforts,

Seabourne led for much of the match finally winning 21 – 11.

Ladies’ Pairs was Louise Knights and Carol Baker of Norfolk Bowling Club against Marie &

Andrea Morton of Acle. Knights and Baker dominated this match winning 22 – 9. A score-line

that did not reflect the game with Baker showing why she is an England International by way

of some wonderful drawing bowls.

Big win for Norfolk v North Cambs in Derbyshire Trophy.

Norfolk played Nth Cambs in Derbyshire and came away with all points.

14.0 points 136 shots -- 55 shots

Well played everyone very good result keeps Norfolk in with a chance of reaching final.

Rink scores

T.Cooper L Seppings D.Cawthorne 46.-- M.Joyce 11

A.Sayer J.Rusted V.Hudson 35.--J.Ivett 15

T.Baker N.Blyth B.Sadler 31--. N.Parnell 13

C.Derry R.Bunton M.Turner24 --J.Fox 16

Norfolk lose Derbyshire game v Hunts.

Derbyshire result against Hunts Norfolk lost 11.3 (94.86)

Rink scores C.Derry M.Turner B.Sadler 18 E.Elmore 33.

A.Sayer B.Hunter S.King 30. R.Stevens 14

L.Seppings R.Morgan D.Cawthorne 17. R.Elmore 26

T.Baker M.Riches I.Whiley 21. R.Jobson 21.

Indoor County Championships. Semi Final reults.

U25s T.Cooper 21 D.Mills 13

D.Seabourne w/o v A.Stimson

Singles D.Cawthorne 21 M.Elliott 17

C.Blake 21 A.Sayer 20

Senior singles R.Greef 21 B.Sadler 20

B.Wymer w/o v J.Rusted

Pairs D.Seabourne I.Wones 20 A.Sayer T.Baker 9

T.Cooper D.Cawthorne 20 C.Blake B.Sadler 10

Mixed Pairs L.Blake B.Sadler 17 A.Barker R.Greef 12

M.Haylett I.Wones 17 S.Tucker D.Cawthorne 16

Triples T.Cooper M.Riches D.Cawthorne 24 A.Sayer T. Baker I Whiley 14

J.Colcombe T.Dunton D.Mills 25

T.Elvin C.Blake B.Sadler 2

Mixed Triples M.Haylett D.Seabourne I.Wones w/o v P.Rolph B.Toyn R.Greef

L.&C.Blake B.Sadler 21 S.Tucker M.Riches D.Cawthorne 14

Norfolk County Bowls Association A.G.M.

The A.G.M. was held at Carters on Sun. 5th Nov. and very well attended but opened with the unfortunate news that Maurice Shreeve the County Patron has had to stand down . Maurice has served the County Committee for over Forty Years and was always present for County home games and was known for his enthusiastic rallying cry “ Come on Norfolk” and will be missed. Changes on the committee included Andy Sayer retiring as County President, replaced by Eddie Barber, Gary Hewitt now Vice President and Matthew Sparrow was elected as Junior Vice President. Other changes were Amy Barker as Welfare and Safeguarding Officer, Under 25 A Team captain Matthew Sparrow and B Team Captain Gary Hewitt and Trevor Hardingham was elected to go on the National President ladder as Junior Vice President in Nov. 2018. Andy Sayer and Roger Greef were made Life Members. A few updates were Agreed to the County Outdoor Rules and will be included in next years handbook.

Officers for 2017-18.

President. Eddie Barber. Vice President Gary Hewitt. Junior Vice President Matthew Sparrow.Immediate Past President. Andy Sayer.

Chairman John Hudson. Vice Chairman. David Cole. Hon. Secretary Jane Watson. Treasurer Roger Greef. Match Secretary David Filby. EBF Delegate Barry Swan. Press Officer Brian Grint. Outdoor Competition Secretary Trevor Hardingham. Indoor Competition Secretary Andy Sayer. Safeguarding Officer Amy Barker.

Adams Captain David Filby. Newton Captain Trevor Hardingham. Reg Wright A Team Captain Matthew Sparrow. Reg Wright B Team Captain Gary Hewitt. Indoor Executive Team Captain and Derbyshire Captain Andy Sayer. Under 25 Selectors. Hazel and Jimmy Rix.

Wootton Park win County Club Championship.

Wootton Park will represent Norfolk next season in the Durham Centenary Trophy following a 1 shot win in the final of the Jason Roope Shield.

The game was played at Holt BC on Saturday 2nd September on an excellent green and in very good condition.

R G Carter started strongly and held a 5 ahot lead after 5 ends, this moved to 8 shots after 10 ends and 10 shots after 15 ends. At this point the game changed and with 20 ends on the card the game had swung to Wootton Park by2 shots.

The last 5 ends were very tense. With the last rink playing the last end Wootton Park held a 3 shot lead. Carters were holding 2 with 1 wood to be played by both skips. The Carters skip was slightly overweight with his bowl which left Wootton Park victors by 85 shots to 84.

The Jason Roope Shield was presented to Wootton Park by County President Andy Sayer.

EBF & EWBF National Finals week held at Skegness, 19-26 August

Norfolk's Federation bowlers went to Skegness for the finals with expectations of coming away with more silverware.

For the first time since 2008 both the Norfolk's Silver Vase Team and Donald Steward team had reached the finals having won all their group games in the Southern section. On the 1st Saturday of the championships the Silver Vase team played Humberside, Northern winners, and unfortunately had to settle for 2nd place with a 91-134 defeat, thus securing the Humberside Trophy as runners up.

In the Steward final Norfolk also lost out to Humberside 97-109 being awarded the Kathleen Bozeat Trophy.

Norfolk did not fare much better when the individual competitions got underway, a case of what might have been with many narrow defeats. Wayne Burrage, Norfolk's representative for both the men's 2 bowl and 4 bowl competitions bowed out 20-21 in each. His opponent in the 2 bowl going on to win the title. In the men's veteran singles Kenny Breame had success in the 1st 2 rounds, 21-19 v Northants and 21-20 v Humberside before losing 20-21 in the semis to the eventual winner A Turton, Notts. County President, Andy Sayer, won his Secretaries singles 21-10 v Humberside before going down 11-21 v N Essex in semis. Tom Baker had a comfortable victory on day 1 of the championships in the Champion of Champions before losing to Humberside in round 2, the eventual winner.

In the men's pairs Mark Tuner and Clive Derry had a close game before losing to Northants 17-20 on the last end. In the mixed pairs Sue Lee and Ian Wones started brightly before losing 16-18 to Cleveland's I & J Gillespie. John Hunter and Kenny Breame got the week off to a good start with a 21-15 win in men's senior pairs but lost narrowly in 2nd round to Cleveland. The husband and wife pairing of Elaine & David Cole had a close game in the senior mixed pairs before losing 17-20 to Cleveland. Norfolk's representatives from Wootton Park fell at the first hurdle in the men's 2 bowl rinks whilst the Aldiss Park trio in the 3 bowl rinks had a cracking game v Nicky Brett's Hunts triple. They held a slight lead with 2 ends to play but Hunts took the last 2 ends to run out 15-14 and eventually going on to lift the trophy. In the mixed rinks Norfolk's trio battled back form 7-20 to 20-20 only to lose by one on the extra end. Aaron Stimson suffered a 1st round defeat in the under 25 singles before teaming up with Matty Sparrow in the under 25 open pairs and reached the final with wins: 20-6 v Durham, 18-15 v Humberside, 21-13 v Northumberland before losing to Hunts in the final 13-20.

On the ladies side there were 1st round defeats for Emily O'Hanlon 4 bowl singles, 11-21 v Notts; Sarah Smith under 25's 7-21 v Notts; Pam Rolph senior singles 7-21 v Hunts; Elaine Cole Champion of Champions 15-21 v N Essex. Andrea Morton lost 15-21 v Lincs in 2 bowl singles but had better success in the Secretaries Singles winning 21-11 in round 1 before losing to Cleveland's Lisa Simpson in the next round 21-13, the latter going on to lift the trophy.

In the ladies Senior Pairs Lilian Barber and Pauline Scott went down to Derbyshire 15-20. The all family affair of Val Moore, Grandmother, Lesley O'Hanlon, Mother, and Emily O'Hanlon Granddaughter sadly went out of the 2 bowl rinks 8-23 v Northumberland. The 3 bowl triples from Gissing, Claire Forster, Pat Last and Joy Jolly, had a hard fought 1st round game v Derbyshire before going down 11-13.

There was better news for the Ladies pairs combination of Sue Lee and Linda Blake who went on to lift the Alice Rice Pairs Trophy with victories v Humberside 17-10 in round 1, 39-4 v Notts in round 2, 18-14 v Northumberland in semis and 23-16 v Suffolk in final.

County Cup Final

The final of Norfolk’s premier roving jack competition, The County Cup, was played between Swanton Abbott and Martham at North Walsham New Road on  10th August.

After a very close and competitive game Swanton Abbott ran out winners by 68 shots to 64.

Rink scores(Swanton Abbott first):- N Bowman, K Knights & G Rice 17 S Faircloth, J Hudson & G Gallant 15. V Moore,E O’Hanlon & J Moore 8 A Jones, M Dawson & P Randell 24. T Nield, S Lee & L Blake 21 G Bowgen, C Dowe & T Punchard 13. S Westgate,M Wright & C Blake 22 M Gallant, P Dowe & H Hewitt 15.

County League.

Congratulations to Caister A on beating Wootton Park in County League play off.

On a good looking Sunday afternoon

The 2 winners of the premier east (caister) and west (Wooton Park) took to the green for one more game to play for the county league title.

A very close game with excellent bowls being shown by both teams.

Tight game until the last few ends where caister snuck the lead and won 50-42.

Thank you to Acle Bowls for hosting the game and special thanks to Jeanette Riseley for the hard work and commitment to cater for the players and spectators.

Norfolk Subsidiary Cup Final

In the Norfolk Subsidiary  cup  Gissing  played North Walsham New Road at Great Plumstead on the 3rd August. On a wind swept green  the game was close at  10 ends with Gissing 35 and Walsham 31 but Gissing  finished winning 80 – 62.

County Cup.

  County Cup Semi-finals results.

Martham 92 - Pulham Market 50

Swanton Abbott 71 Whissonsett 70.

Thursday 10th August 2017 County Cup Final Start 6.30pm

North Walsham New Road.

Subsidiary Cup.

The result of the semi-finals are as follows

Gissing ‘A’ 81 v Tittleshall 58

N.W. New Road 81 v Caister ‘B’ 71

The final will take place at Great Plumstead on 3rd August 2017 at 6.30 start.

Norfolk County Finals

The County Finals Held at Holt on Sunday  produced  some excellent  bowling for the watching  public  despite  the showers, with all winners off to represent the county  at Skegness on the week of the 19th  to 26th August.

3 bowl rinks B.Footer, T. Baker  and  V . Hudson [ Wooton Park] 16    v  M.Dembicki, A. Cameron and T. Cator  [Aldiss Park]   18.

2 Bowl Rinks     I.Wones. J.Moore and C .Blake [ Swanton Abbott] 12   v   B.Footer, T. Baker and V.Hudson  [Wooton Park]    19.                                                                                 

Under 25 Singles            A. Deal [ Cawston]  17   v    A.Stimson [ Diss] 21

Under 25 Open Pairs.  R.Morgan and D.Cawthorne [ Whissonsett] 7   v   A.Stimson  and M.Sparrow [  Diss  and Acle] 19.

 Pairs.    G.Gallant  and G.Hewitt [ Martham] 10  v  C.Derry and M.Turner  [ Heartsease] 21.

Mixed  Pairs.    L.Mills  and P.Webb [ Carters] 16   v   S.Lee  and I.Wones [Swanton Abbott] 21.  

Senior Pairs .   J.Hunter  and K.Breame [ Carters] 16  v  R.Monsey  and M.High  [Potter Heigham ] 11.

Mixed Rinks.    B Gooch,L.Blake  and B.Sadler [ New Road] 18  v  C.  Turner, C.Derry  and M.Turner [ Heartsease] 17.

 Veteran Singles.      K.Breame[ Carters] 21  v T.Elvin [ Coltishall] 18.

Secretaries Singles.   A.Sayer [ South Lynn] 21  v  S.Bunton  { Smallbugh/Dilham] 13.

2 Wood  singles.        D.Mills[ Acle] 20   v  W.Burrage [ Horsford] 21

4 Bowl  singles.    G.Hewitt [ Martham] 6   v  W.Burrage [ Horsford] 21.

Champion of Champions.   T.Baker [ Wooton Park]  21   v  T Elvin [ Coltishall] 14.      .

Senior Mixed Pairs.     E. and D. Cole (Carters) 17   v   J. and V.Hudson  (Wootton Park) 11  

County Cup and Subsidiary Cup Update.

County Cup.

 Wells Elsmith v Caister A. W/O Wells Elsmith

 Smallburgh & Dilham 63 Swanton Abbott 111

 Pulham Market V Wells Elsmith. W/O Pulham Market

 Holt 63 Whissonsett 92

 Martham 97 Cawston 50.

Semi Finals. 27th July. 6.30pm start.

Swanton Abbott v Whissonsett at Cawston BC.

Martham v Pulham Market At Acle BC.

Subsidiary Cup.

Gissing A 97 Great Plumstead 48

Tittleshall 76 Sculthorpe 66

North Walsham 88 Acle 75

Semi Finals being played 20th July 6.30pm start.

Gissing A v Tittleshall at Whinburgh.

North Walsham v Caister B at Smallburgh & Dilham BC.

Thanks to clubs for hosting the Semi Finals.

Norfolk finish on a low note

Away to Huntingdon  the County Adams Team were  hoping to finish the season on a  high note. Nigel Blyth, Ernie Clapham  and Brian Sadler  settled into their rhythm early and finished winning 31-23.George Gibson,  Barry Footer and  Danny Cawthorne  were also  in  charge  from the start  and they also  won 31-23. Richard  Anderson –Dungar, Phil Glover  and Matthew Sparrow  scored a 6 on the 29th  end and won 27-26 while Andy Sayer, Roger Greef  and Chris Rowe drew 24  each. Unfortunately Kenny Breame’s rink lost 17-23 and  Paul Webb’s 18-29.

Result  148 – 158  and  7 – 15 pts

The Newton Team were equally  optimistic  but  found  Hunts  in good form and only managed  one point  after David Smith, David Woods and Steve Thompson drew 24 each. Paul Randell, lost 22-36,John Sparrow 16-28, Errol Feaveryear 22-33, Paul Whymark 21-32, Paul tree 22-30.

Result 127-183  and 1-21 pts.

On Sunday the County Semi-finals were held at Holt  and  the finals will be played next Sunday  at the same venue.


3 bowl rinks B.Footer,A. Folkner  and  V. Hudson 17—D.George,A.Flynn and M.High 6

            S.Dembicki,A.Cameron and T.Cator 21 --  B.Richardson, L.Clapham and J. Walland  11.

2 Bowl Rinks   G.and M Gallant and G.Hewitt  9. I.Wones. J.Moore and C .Blake 22                                                                                                

                  D.Crosby,K.Fox and P.Tree 11 --  B.Footer,A.Folkner  and V.Hudson  21.

Under 25 Singles         D. Cawthorne, 12  ---  A. Deal  21

                                    M.Sparrow   11.    A.Stimson  21.

Under 25 Open Pairs.     R.Morgan and D.Cawthorne 18  -- T.Cooper E. Lambert.14.

                 A.Stimson  and M.Sparrow  16  -- E. O-Hanlon and S.Tucker 12.

Pairs.  J.Forrest  and V.Hudson 15 --  G.Gallant  and G.Hewitt  19.

          C.Derry and M.Turner   21.        ---  R. Craske  and J.Harvey   12.

Mixed  Pairs.       L.Cannell  and W.Downie  7.  --  L.Mills  and P.Webb  25.

                           F.Lee  and I.Wones   20.    --  B.Masters and N.Howell 18.

Senior Pairs .      B.Ledgerwood and  M.Leverett  9.   J.Hunter  and K.Breame 23.

                       T.Gibson  and T.Hardingham  12  ----   R.Monsey  and M.High  15.

Mixed Rinks.    B Gooch,L.Blake  and B.Sadler 17  --  S. and A. Siely and  S.Elliott 16.

                 A.Sayer, J.Watson  and A.Bateson  12  --- C.  Turner, C.Derry  and M.Turner 17.

Veteran Singles.      K.Breame 21      ----  J.Abbott  14.      M.High 7  -- T.Elvin 21.

Secretaries Singles.          A.Sayer 21 – P.Clayton 20 .   S.Bunton  21  --- M.Denmark 20.

2 Wood  singles.       T.Elvin  11 .---- D.Mills 21.          W.Burrage 21  -- V.Hudson 12.

4 Bowl  singles.   C.Blake 15  -- G.Hewitt 21        L. Leverett  8  --  W.Burrage 21.

Champion of Champions.   T.Baker 21 .---- K.Fox 19.       M.High 20.      -----   T Elvin 21.      .

Senior Mixed Pairs.     E. and D. Cole 20   ----    A. and K. Tickner 6      

                    J. and V.Hudson   18    ---- S. and T. Hardingham.17.



Adams team Destroys Essex

At home to  North Essex the Norfolk Adams Team were hoping  for another win and it was Richard Anderson-Dungar, Phil Glover  and Matthew  Sparrow  who led the Charge going 23-7  up at 15 ends and went on to win 40-14. Rhys Llyod, Gary Hewitt and Paul Webb won 34-14, Nigel Blyth, Ernie Clapham and  Bryan Sadler 42-25, Steve Reynolds, Mike Smith and Kenny Breame 37-13, Barry Footer, George Gibson and Danny Cawthorne 27-20 with Andy Sayer, Roger Greef and Chris Rowe losing 26-39.

Result 206 – 125 and 20-2  pts.

The under 25  teams played rivals Suffolk at St. Edmundsbury with Norfolk A team taking the Honours. Alex Deal,  Jess Ward and Jordan Groves winning 31-14, Dominic Cook, Rhys Lloyd and Aaron Stimson winning 23-18 while a last end duel  meant Nicole Moseley, Ed Lambert and Danny Cawthorne lost 17-18.

Result 71-50 and 8-2 pts

Norfolk B playing Suffolk A had Kacey Cook,  Robert Brooks  and Regan Simper  win 22-17 , Vicky Brook, Tasha Brooks & Matthew Sparrow 18-36, Lauren Siely, Ryan Garman & Lewis Smith 17-29.

Result  57-82 and 2 – 8 pts

Norfolk’s  Adams Team Win

With North Cambs  unable to have a Newton Team it was down to the Adams team to hold the flag for Norfolk . Barry Footer , George Gibson  and Danny Cawthorne  were on top form as they went from 10  up at 10 ends to go on and win 47-18. Noel Blyth, Ernie Clapham and Brian Sadler won 35-23  and Andy Sayer, Roger Greef  and Chris Rowe  won 37-22.  Paul Webb’s  rink lost 24-31, Kenny Breame,s 20-26 and Paul Whymark’s 21-38.

Some team changes have been  made for next weeks game at home to N.Essex

On  Sunday  the under 25 team played Hunts at home. The Norfolk A Team had an excellent win  with Dominic Cook, Rhys Lloyd and Arron Stimson  winning 37-15,Jess  Ward, Ben Hunter and Jordon Groves  won 33-6  and Ed Lambert, Rhys Morgan and Danny Cawthorne won      27-20. A 97-41 win and all 10 pts.

The B team had  mixed fortunes  with  Kacey Cook, Robert Brooks  and Regan Simper  winning 31-10,  Vicky Brooks, Ryan Garman  and Matthew Sparrow drew 25  each and  Lauren Siely, Lewis Smith  and Tasha Brooks lost 12-36.

Result 68-71  and 3-7 pts.

Norfolk’s  Newton Success

The Norfolk Adams team played Lincolnshire  at Holt and were looking for their first win of the season. John Hudson, Gary Hewitt and Paul Webb started well and  were in front  all of the game winning 28-22. Steve Reynolds, Mel Smith  and Kenny Breame were 6 shots down and bounced  back to win 28-24.Barry Footer, George Gibson  and Danny Cawthorne scored 7 shots in the final 6  ends to win 27-23. Chris Rowe’s rink lost 25-39, Paul Whymark  28-32  and Brian Sadler 21-33. With the game poised at 105 shots each at 20 ends it was Lincs who finished well .

Norfolk 157  - 6 pts  Lincolnshire 174 – 16  pts

At Carters green the Newton Team were looking for a win after two close  games. Richard Anderson-Dungar, Phil Glover and Matthew  Sparrow were 10-0 up after 5 ends and stormed to a 45-19 win. David Smith, Dave Woods and Simon Thompson on the notorious rink 6 were

 Drawing well and won 35-15. Tom Cooper, Brian Grint  and John Sparrow were close all game  and finished winning 27-26. Paul Tree’s rink  lost 17-35,Errol Feavearyear, 18-36 and Paul Randell 20-25.

Norfolk 162     16 pts    Lincolnshire 156   6pts.

The under 25’s played Suffolk  at Cawston on Sunday, the Norfolk B  squad had   Vicky Brooks, Ryan Garman  and Matthew Sparrow  winning 31-18, Kacey Cook, Robert Brooks and Regan Simper won 21-15  and Lauren Siely, Lewis Smith and Tasha Brooks  lost 14-26  which secured a good win.

Result 66 -59  and 8-2 pts

The A Squad  had a chance to qualify for Skegness but had to overcome a very strong Suffolk team. Alex Deal, Jess Ward  and Ben Hunter lost 15-36,Nicole Moseley, Dominic Cook  and Aaron Stimson   20-22  and Edward Lambert, Rhys Morgan and Daniel Cawthorne 17-30.

Result  52-88 and 0-10  pts

Norfolk  versus  Suffolk

The  local  derby is always  a cliffhanger  and this year  was   no  different. At Kessingland the Newton team were bathed in sunshine  playing on a lush green  with  Suffolk going 19  shots up after 10  ends. By  20  ends Norfolk had  made a small recovery at  12 shots behind and  in the  final  6  ends a Norfolk surge was sending officials searching for their calculators with now only 1  shot separating the teams, however it was Suffolk who finished with the high fives.  Result  Norfolk 161  6  pts, -  Suffolk 164,   16  pts

Jordan Groves, Ken Humphrey  and Errol Feavearyear  38  - E Chinery 16.

Eddie Barber, Neil Seager  and Paul Tree  30 – S. Church 18.

Richard Anderson- Dungar, Phil Glover, Matthew Sparrow 30 – B. Mayhew 27.

Richard Bunton, David Crosby  and Paul Randell  23 – M. Keeble 28.

Tom Cooper,  Brian Grint and John Sparrow 25 – S. Thorpe 35.

Luke Clapham, John Harvey  and Peter Cooke 15 – B. Caley 40.

The Adams team were also involved in a close encounter playing at Halesworth  and  its said games are won and lost over the final 5  ends and it proved to be the case. Barry Footer, George Gibson,  and Daniel Cawthorne  went 19-5 up at 15  ends and won the spoons with a score of      35-21. Noel  Blyth, Ernie Clapham, and Brian  Sadler  won 31-24 while Rhys Lloyd , Gary Hewitt and Paul Webb  drew  25  each. Kenny Breame’s rink lost 27-30,  Chris Rowe,s 21-30  and Paul Whymark’s  20-33. Norfolk  scored 24 shots over the last 6 ends to Suffolk’s 36.

Result 159- 163 and 5 – 17 pts.

The under 25’s had to play each other at Cawston on Sunday with Norfolk A winning on all rinks.  Alex  Deal, Jess Ward and Jordan Groves winning 27-13  against   Kacey Cook, Robert Brooks and  Regan Simper. Dominic Cook, Rhys Lloyd and Aron Stimson won 26-16  against  Lauren Siely, Tasha Brookes and Matthew Sparrow. Rhys Morgan, Edward Lambert and Daniel Cawthorne won 36-15  playing Vicky Brookes, Ryan Garman  and Mathew Warnes.

Norfolk Struggle to find Form

With Norfolk the Present National Newton trophy Champions it was hoped to start this season with a win but the tricky windy conditions on Saturday made the game against Northamptonshire very difficult. R. Bunton, D. Crosby and P. Randall were close for much of the game but won 29-21 and J.Groves,K. Humphrey and E. Feavyour went 10 shots up after 10 ends going on to win 30-19. R. Anderson-Dungar. M . Sparrow and P. Glover came back from 9-18 down to win 29-26 after a change in positions. P. Cooke’s block lost 25-29, J. Sparrow lost 19-34 and P.Tree 21-31.

Result 153- 160 and 6 - 16 pts.

The Adams Team playing at Holt against Northants found the opposition in top Form as they lost 127-184 and 3-19 pts. N. Blyth, E. Clapham and B. Sadler won 27-17 and A. Sayer, R. Greef and C. Rowe drew 29-29 with all other rinks losing.

The two Under 25 teams travelled to Huntingdon on Sunday and came home with two good wins. The A Team had N.Moseley, A. Morgan and D. Cawthorne who scored 8 shots in the last 5 ends to win 21-19, J. Ward, A..Hunter and J. Groves won 33-15 and A. Stimsons Block lost 14-24 and won the game 68-58 for 8-2 points win. The B Team had L. Siely, J. Brookes and M. Sparrow winning 25-16, the other 2 blocks kept their games tight J. Simper block lost 21-23 and M. Warnes lost 18-21 and won the game 64-60 and 6-4 pts

County Cup and Subsidiary Cup Update

Results from Qualifying Round of County Cup

G 8 Smallburgh & Dilham v Great Plumstead 84-83

G 4 Swanton Abbott v Sculthorpe 98-57

G 3 Holt v Acle 80-77

G 6 Whissonsett v Gissing ‘A’ 93-70

G 5 Gissing ‘B’ v Martham W/O (Martham)

G 7 Tittleshall v Cawston 61-101

G 2 Pulham Market v N.W. New Road 74-67

G 1 Caister ‘B’ v Wells Elsmith 41-108

Preliminary Round (To be played by 18-06-2017)

G 9 Wells Elsmith v Caister ‘A’

Quarter Finals (To be played by 09-07-2017)

G 10 Smallburgh & Dilham v Swanton Abbott

G 12 Holt v Whissonsett

G 13 Martham v Cawston

G 11 Pulham Market v Wg 9

Semi-Final to be played on Thursday 27-07-2017 at 6.30 Neutral Greens

G 14 Wg 10 v Wg 12

G 15 Wg 13 v Wg11

Final to be played on Thursday 10-08-2017 at 6.30 on a Neutral Green

G 16 wg 14 v Wg15

Subsidiary Cup Draw

Quarter Finals (To be played by 16-07-2017)

G 17 Gissing ‘A’ v Great Plumstead

G 19 Tittleshall v Sculthorpe

G 20 N.W.New Road v Acle

G 18 Bye v Caister ’B’

Semi-Finals To be played on Thursday 20-07-2017 at 6.30 Neutral Greens

G 22 Wg 17 v Wg 19

G 21 Wg 20 v Caister ‘B’

Final To be played on Thursday 03-08-2017at 6.30 on a Neutral Green

G 24 Wg 22 v Wg 21

Caister ‘B’ has a Bye due to Gissing ‘B’ pulling out of the County Cup.

Teams for Adams and Newton Trophy games on Saturday 27th May v Northants.

The Adams Team playing at Holt is as follows.

A.Sayer,R.Greef, C.Rowe, B.Footer, K.Fulcher, D. Cawthorne, N.Blyth, E.Clapham,B.Sadler, R.Lloyd, G.Hewitt, P.Webb, S.Reynolds , A. Bateson, K.Breame, M. Jacobs, P. Forster P. Whymark.

The Newton Team playing at Carters

R. Anderson-Dungar, E. Barber, R. Bunton, L. Clapham, P. Cook. T. Cooper, D. Crosby E.FeavearyearP. Glover, B. Grint, J. Groves J. Harvey, K. Humphrey ,P. Randell, N. Seager J. Sparrow, M. Sparrow. P.Tree.

Durham Centenary Tropy. R G Carter BC V Warboys BC

R G Carters BC entertained Warboys in the Inter County stage of the Durham Centenary Trophy on Sunday 21st May.

With the visitors fielding some well known stars of the game Carters knew they were in for a difficult game.

The game was evenly fought with 1 rink in each team piling up the shots and the other two being very even.

With 3 rinks finished Carters held a 6 shot lead. Playing the last end Carters were two shots up with two woods to play. The Warboys skip produced a superb wood to move the jack to hold 2 shots, the Carters skip looking for 2nd wood for the win came up inches short. With game ending level all the players returned to the green for an extra end.

On the extra end Warboys scored 3 shots to RG Carters 2 and won the game 87 shots to 86.

Norfolk at England Finals

Played at Newark the Ladies were stars as they won the Harry Carver Trophy which was a magnificent team effort.

In the Men's Singles it was on the shoulders of young Danny Cawthorne to shine for Norfolk and he didn’t disappoint. Playing R.Pearce he won 21-18 to reach the Semi-final and this was a very close affair against L.Rowland of North Essex, but Danny won 21-20. In the Final he was up against K. Barker of Humberside, playing well Danny strolled home 21-13 to become the Federation English Singles Champion. In the Mixed Pairs Jenny Kirby and Dan Mills won their first game 22-13 against Northants and then dispatched two from Lincolnshire 19-7 to go into the Semi-final, but the dream ended here as they lost to two from Derbyshire 9-23.

In the Ladies Senior Singles it was up to the Evergreen Linda Blake and she was in determined mood. In her first game she played P. Kelly of Lincolnshire and won 21-17, and then played E. Dayes of Humberside in the semi-final and won 21-18. The Final against K. Weites of Northumberland was a close game but Linda became senior Singles English Champion after winning 21-18. In the Rinks Marion Himpleman, Sheila Stacey and Jenny Kirby met the Suffolk Trio and won 25-12, followed by the Humberside champions and won 21-11 to go into the semi-final. Playing Nottinghamshire in what was a very close Encounter won 14-13 but the trio from Lincolnshire in the Final were too strong as they lost 13-20.

Derbyshire win v Northants.

Playing Northants at Stamford in the Derbyshire Trophy the Norfolk Team were aware it was going to be a difficult game with the opposition after points to go top of table.

R.Morgan, D. Cawthorne and M. Riches came back from 4-7 down to 23-11 with 5 ends to play and went on to win 32 – 12. M. Seppings, T. Baker and I. Whiley who kept within 3 shots all of the game and in an exciting final end won 18-17. D. Seabourne , D. Hunter, and S. King were 5 shots behind most of the game and finished 20 -25. A. Sayer, J. Wells and N. Blyth were 12-21 with 5 ends to play and lost 17-26.

Result 87 – 80 and 10 – 4 pts

Indoor County Finals

Kirby Collects County Hatrick

The Norfolk County Finals were held at North Walsham indoor bowls club on Sunday and it was a golden day for Jenny Kirby from Acle St. Edmunds Club collecting three Championships.

In the Ladies triples playing with Sheila Stacey and Marion Himpleman she skipped her block to a 19 – 13 win, she then played then the Ladies Pairs with Sheila Stacey and won 15-13 and finally played with Dan Mills in the Mixed Pairs and won 17-11.


Ladies Triples J Kirby 19 L Blake 13

Mixed Triples J. G. and D. Ramsbottom 13 D. and R. Runciman, and R. Greef 20

Mens Singles D. Cawthorne 21 D. Mills 14

Ladies Pairs L. Knights and M. Haylett 13 S. Stacey and J. Kirby 15

Mens Pairs C. Blake and B. Sadler 17 R. Runciman and R. Greef 16 Xtra End

Senior Singles R. Greef 21 J. Fruin 15

Ladies Senior Singles L. Blake 21 M. Haylett 19

Mens Triples D. Seabourne, I. Wones D. Ramsbottom 18 A. Elvin,C. Blake B. Sadler 15

Mixed Pairs J. Kirby D. Mills 17 L.Blake B. Sadler 11

Ladies Singles L. Blake 21 M. Haylett 15

Under 25 Singles. D Cawthorne 21 D Mills 13

Indoor County Finals.

Sunday 19th February at North Walsham IBC.

10.00am Under 25 Singles  D Mills v N Moseley

10.00am. Ladies Triples. S Rickman,C Neave & L Blake v S Stacey,M Himpleman & J Kirby. Mixed Triples. J,G & D Ramsbottom v D&R Runciman & R Greef.

12.00 noon. Singles D Mills v D Cawthorne. Ladies Pairs. L Knights & M Haylett v S Stacey & J Kirby. Pairs. C Blake & B Sadler v R Runciman & R Greef.

2.30pm. Senior Singles. R Greef v J Fruin. Ladies Senior Singles. L Blake v M Haylett.

4.30pm. Mixed Pairs. L Blake & B Sadler v J Kirby & D Mills.

Derbyshire Trophy

Norfolk played North Cambs in the second of this years Derbyshire Trophy at Gallow IBC on Sunday 5th February.

Starting strongly Norfolk took a 9 shot lead after 5 ends, this increased to 22 shots at 10 ends and 27 shots at 15 ends. Continuing to press Norfolk ran out winners on all rinks, final score Norfolk 117 North Cambs 58.

Rink scores:- A Sayer, T Baker and I Whiley 28-18. R Morgan, D Cawthorne and R Mason 26-11. D Seabourne, B Hunter and S King 35-13. C Derry, B Sadler and M Turner 28-16.

Derbyshire Trophy.

Norfolk opened their Derbyshire Trophy campaign on Sunday 29th January against Hunts at Gallow IBC.

Norfolk were always behind in the game going 2 shots down after 5 ends. The next 5 ends proved crucial as Hunts scored 25 shots against Norfolk’s 3. From this point on Norfolk slowly closed the gap but could not recover and lost the match by 12 shots, Norfolk 79 Hunts 91.

Rink scores:- C Derry, M Turner and B Sadler 28-14, D Cawthorne, B Hunter and S King 17-21. R Morgan, M Riches and R Summers 22-32. A Sayer, T Baker and I Whiley 12-24.

The next game is on Sunday 5th February v North Cambs. Game starts at 10.00am at Gallow IBC. Their is 1 change to the team with D Seabourne replacing R Summers.

Indoor Competitions 2017.

Results of games played on Sunday 22 January at North Walsham IBC.

Under 25 Singles. J Ward 6 D Mills 21.

Mixed Triples. L&C Blake & B Sadler 16 B Tucker, S King & M Riches 14. L&C Blake & B Sadler 8 J G & D Ramsbottom 22. D&R Runciman & R Greef 20 A Cameron, T&L Cator 13.

Triples. A Sayer, T Baker & I Whiley 8 D Seabourne, D Ramsbottom & I Wones 20. T Cooper, D Cawthorne & M Riches 17 B Toyn, R Runciman & R Greef 22. D Seabourne, D Ramsbottom & I Wones 21 B Toyn,R Runciman & R Greef 16. T Elvin,C Blake & B Sadler 25 A Cameron, K Mason & T Cator 17.

Indoor Competion Results 2017.

Games played Sunday 15th January at North Walsham IBC.

Singles. C Blake 16 D Mills 21. D Mills 21 A Cameron 1.

Senior Singles. B Sadler 20 J Rusted 21. J Rusted 20 J Fruin 21. T Cator 10 R Greef 21.

Pairs. A Sayer & N Blyth 10 M & S Elliott 19. R Grant & T Cator 9 T Cooper & D Cawthorne 21. T Cooper & D Cawthorne 14 R Runciman & R Greef 15. C Blake & B Sadler 21 M & S Elliott 18.

Mixed Pairs. L Blake & B Sadler 21 P Rolph & R Greef 8. L & T Cator 9 D Mills & J Kirby 19. A Royle & N Blyth 11 S Tucker & D Cawthorne 22. D Mills & J Kirby 20 S Tucker & D Cawthorne 12.

2016/2017 Officers and Captains.

Patron. Maurice Shreeve.President. Andy Sayer. Vice President. Eddie Barber. Junior Vice President. Gary Hewitt.Immediate Past President. Barry Swan.

 Chairman. John Hudson. Vice Chairman. David Cole. Secretary. Jane Watson. Treasurer. Roger Greef.

Match Secretary. David Filby. Press Officer. Brian Grint. Outdoor Competitions. Trevor Hardingham. Indoor Competitions. Andy Sayer. EBF Delegate. Barry Swan. Safeguarding. Judith Ward.

Adams Captain. David Filby. Newton Captain. Trevor Hardingham. Reg Wright A Captain. Judith Ward. Reg Wright B Captain. Matthew Sparrow. Eversley and Derbyshire Captain. Andy Sayer. Handbook Editor. Keith Fox. Under 25 Selectors. Hazel Rix. Jimmy Rix. Nigel Lambert. Richard Bunton.

R G Carter win Jason Roope Shield.

On a very wet Saturday afternoon RG Carters played Wootton Park in the Durham Centenary Cup. In a closely fought games RG Carters went ahead in the last few ends winning 100-82 and received the Jason Roope Shield.

Norfolk win Newton Trophy at Skegness.

On Sunday  Norfolk played Cleveland at Skegness in the Final of the Newton Trophy. Norfolk were unbeaten this year and hopes were high of winning as the last time the trophy had returned to the County was in 1992. On the windswept green at Skeggy  it was Norfolk who were first to master the conditions going 17 shots up after five ends and after 15 maintained their lead at 86-74. But by 20 ends the game  had closed up at 111 – 103, Norfolk now stepped up a gear and with six ends to play were  151 -122, now in total command they went on to a famous victory 181 – 151

R. Anderson-Dungar, P. Glover, K. Breame. 35-22. M. Sparrow, B. Grint, D. Cawthorne 35-22 . E. Barber, P. Tree, B. Sadler, 27-21. R. Bunton, G. Gibson P. Randell 33-29.

 M. Jacobs,P. Forster, P. Whymark, 29-29. L. Clapham, K. Humphrey, E, Fearveayear, 19-30.

County Cup Final

The Final of the Norfolk County Challenge Cup Final was held at Acle St. Edmunds green on Thursday between Gissing B.C. and Smallburgh and Dilham B.C. The Cup was first played for in 1921 and Cromer were the Victors and on Thursday  Gissing were determined to follow in their footsteps going 24-13 up after 5 ends, at 15 ends it was 77-37 and Gissing went on to win 101 – 57.

Rinks K. Fulcher 27 – A. Willetts 8,  M. Coe 27 -  T. Hardingham 12,

 P. Whymark 27  T. Gibson 18,  P. Forster 20.  K. Wilby 19.

Durham Cup Semi Finals .

On  a very hot sunny Sunday and ultra -fast green at Acle four teams battled to get to the final. In the first game Wooton Park met Great Plumstead with the latter setting the early pace going 18 shots up and with only 5 ends to play were 13 shots up. Wooton Park now found the pace and scored 14 shots over the final 3 ends to set up a draw and an extra end for all rinks, and it finished Wooton Park 91 – Gt. Plumstead 88. In the other semi-final  Holt played Carters and the hot sunny conditions gave the advantage to Carters winning 105-76.

Subsidiary Cup Winners 2016. Whissonsett BC

Whissonsett 93 Wells Elsmith 68.

 West Norfolk Dominate County  Final’s

 West  Norfolk    headed the table in the area County Championships  on Sunday winning  six competitions out of  the fourte played on a good running green at Freethorpe in very hot conditions.

All the winners will now represent Norfolk in the National Championships at Skegness in August.

3 Bowl Rinks. B.Footer,A. Folkner, Hudson 19. v D. Cole, K. Breame, P. Webb 22.

Pairs.  A. Sayer, A. Bateson 21. V D. Cole, P. Webb 16.

Senior Pairs.D. Cole, P. Allard 17 v  T. Nield, J. Moore 15. Xtra end

Under 25 open Pairs, D. Cawthorne, R. Morgan  19  v  E. Lambert, T. Cooper 12.

Veteran Singles– J. Rusted 20  v T. Elvin 21

Under 25 Singles R. Lloyd 21,  v  D.Mills 10.

2 wood Singles   W. Burrage,21  v A. Sayer 8.

2 Bowl Rinks.  M and G. Gallant,G. Hewitt 16.  V  M.  and L. Leverett, R. Cardew, 17

 Senior Mixed Pairs.  M. Himpleman , B. Wymer, 14   v  T. and L. Cator  15

Champion of Champions.   W. Burrage 21  v  R. Greef 8

4 Bowl Singles. G. Bowgen  9  v     T. Baker 21

Mixed Rinks.   G. and M. Gallant ,S. Faircloth 24   v A. Mitchell, N. Blyth, R. Bunton 9.

Secretaries Singles.  A. Sayer 21 .  v    S. Bunton 12.

Mixed Pairs.  L. Mills, P. Webb 15.  V   A. and D. Bateson 22.

Norfolk  Reach  National Final

Playing at  home to  Huntingdonshire Norfolk’s Newton Trophy Team were aware that a win would see them through to Skegness and the National Final. But with the game halfway at 15 ends Captain Trevor Hardingham  was looking nervous with Norfolk only one shot up. As the green dried out and the pace quickened Norfolk took charge and went on to win 188 – 137   and 20 – 2  pts booking a place in the final  on 21st August . Norfolk has not won this Trophy since 1992 and hopes are high after winning all six games in the southern Section against northern winners Cleveland.   

Results      M. Jacobs,P. Forster, P. Whymark  38-19,L. Clapham,K. Humphrey, E. Feavearyear 29-15, E. Barber, J. Harvey,B. Sadler, 36-23, R. Bunton, G. Gibson, P. Randell ,35-28,R. Anderson-Dungar, P. Glover, K. Breame, 26-25, M. Sparrow, B. Grint, D. Cawthorne 24-27.

The Adams Trophy game against Hunt’s was a matter of pride, but it was not to be  losing 148-158 and 6 – 16 pts.

Results.  R.Lloyd, M.Chapman, P. Webb 36-10, D. Smith,  D. Cole, G. Hewitt 26-18. N. Blyth, E. Clapham,A. Folkner 27-26, B. Footer,M. Smith, K. Fulcher  17-30, A. Sayer, R. Greef, C. Rowe 20-35, D. Mills, J. Cook J. Sparrow 22-39.

The County  Semi Finals held at Freethorpe on Sunday were as Follows.

 3 Bowl Rinks.  

J.Annis,R. Himpleman, R. Meeks 13—B.Footer,A. Folkner, V. Hudson 19.

G. Rice, C. Blake, I Wones v D. Cole, K. Breame, P. Webb to be played later

Pairs  D. Adams, T. Wones 4 –A. Sayer, A. Bateson 21.

            G. Gallant, G. Hewitt 12 – D. Cole, P. Webb 17

Senior Pairs. R. Bunton, D. Mitchell 15—D. Cole, P. Allard 16.

                          B. Wymer, A. Benson-Nutt 17 –T. Niel, J. Moore 19.

Und 25 open Pairs, D. Cawthorne, R. Morgan 23—E. O’Hanlon,S. Tucker 17.

Veteran Singles.  P. Randell 14 – J. Rusted 21.

                                 K. Breame 14—T. Elvin 21

Und 25 Singles A. Stimson 20 –R. Lloyd 21,----  D.Mills 21 –A. Stewart 10.

2 wood Singles   W. Burrage,21 – R. Greef 19

                              G. Bowgen 12—A. Sayer 21

2 Bowl Rinks.  J. Harvey, N. Seagar, R. Summers 19, M and G. Gallant,G. Hewitt 20.

                          M.  and M. Leverett, R. Cardew, 22 – D. Cole, P. Allard, P. Webb 10.

Senior Mixed Pairs. J. Kirby, B. Wymer, 21 – P. Rolph, R. Greef  9.

Champion of Champions. V. Hudson 19 –W. Burrage 21

                                                R. Greef 21 –M. High 17

4 Bowl Singles. G. Bowgen 21 –R. Greef 12

                             W. Burrage 17 – T. Baker 21

Mixed Rinks.   G. and M. Gallant ,S. Faircloth 22 – D. and E Cole, P. Webb  8.

Secretaries Singles.  A. Sayer 21—J. Annis 17.

Mixed Pairs. L. Cannell, W. Downie 13 –L. Mills, P. Webb 14.

Norfolk’s Newton Escape the Lightning

Away to Essex the Newton Team were playing at Haverhill and the black clouds loomed in the distance and by 10 ends everyone was in their wet suits. With  Norfolk 66-34 up the players were called off the green by the umpire as the lightning strikes were all around and  close by, play was resumed 90 minutes later and by 20 ends it stood 126-76, another break and heavy rain meant the game was completed in  swamp conditions and playing 160 ends.

Norfolk 170,- 20 pts  – Essex  105  - 2 pts

L. Clapham, K. Humphrey, E. Feavearyear 41-10,R. Anderson- Dungar, P. Glover, K. Breame 33-17, M. Sparrow, B. Grint, D. Cawthorne 29-19, R. Bunton, G. Gibson, P. Randell 24 – 14,     E. Barber, P. Tree, B. Sadler 25-22, M.Jacobs, P. Forster, P. Whymark 18 – 23.

The Adams Team played Essex at Sudbury and were more fortunate with the weather conditions and finished winning 193 – 137 and 16-6 pts.

N. Blyth,E. Clapham,  A. Folkner  43-16, B. Footer, M. Smith K. Fulcher 43 -18, A. Sayer,R. Greef,  C. Rowe 40 -16, D. Smith, A. Bateson, G. Hewitt 25-28,  D. Mills, J. Cook, J. Sparrow    22-29, R. Lloyd, M. Chapman, P. Webb 20-30.

In the Reg Wright  Trophy for Under 25’s Norfolk A played Suffolk B at Freethorpe and won     64-60 and 8-2 pts. E. Lambert, W. T. Bennett, T. Cooper, 22-16, N. Brooks, J. Ward, R. Lloyd 21-20, L. Siely, D. Mills, J. Groves 21-24. Norfolk B  played Suffolk A and lost 59-85 and 2-8 pts. K. Cook, R. Simper, A, Stimson 30-20, A. Deal, E. Siely, M. Sparrow 15-28, R. Garman, D. Cook, A. Stewart 14-37.

Norfolk’s  Team’s Join  the  200 Club

At home to North Cambridgeshire the Norfolk Teams had a good day. Unbeaten this year the Newton Trophy Team were in high scoring mood as they topped the 200 shot margin and won 218 – 111 and all 22 points  while the Adams Team were also in buoyant mood and  won 207 – 141 for a 20. – 2 pts win.

Newton Team scores -  M.Jacobs,P. Forster and P. Whymark, 47-11, R. Anderson-Dungar,        P. Glover, K. Breame  46-23,  L. Clapham, K. Humphrey, F. Feaveayear  38-18, E. Barber,           P. Tree B. Sadler  33-18, M. Sparrow, B. Grint D. Cawthorne 31-19, R. Bunton, G. Gibson,         P. Randall  23-22.

Adams Team Scores  -  B. Footer, M. Smith, K Fulcher 43-18, R. Lloyd, M. Chapman, P.Webb 43-20, A. Sayer, R. Greef,C. Rowe 42-19, D. Smith, A. Bateson G. Hewitt 30-21, N.Blyth,            B. Swan, E. Clapham 28-27, D. Mills, J. Cook, J. Sparrow  21-36.

Under 25’s win away in Hunts.

NORFOLK A Squad  T. Brooks,J. Ward, R. Lloyd  30-13,L. Siely, D. Mills,J. Groves 41-6,                       V. Brooks, W. Bennett, T. Cooper 19-17,   90-36 and all 10 pts

Norfolk B Squad  R. Garman, A Deal, M. Sparrow 26-16. K. Cook, R. Simper, A. Stimpson,       25-17. G. Siely, D. Cook, A. Stewart  17-33.  68 – 66  and 8 – 2 pts.

Norfolk’s Newton Trophy Team Big Win

Away to Lincolnshire Norfolk’s Newton Trophy team were aware that a win would put them top of the Southern England section. After 10 ends Norfolk were 20 shots up with 4 rinks winning and continued to progress and went on to win 183 to 157 and 18-4 pts and go above Lincs  in the table by 11 pts.

Rinks M. Sparrow, B. Grint , D. Cawthorne 35-22, M Jacobs, P. Forster, P. Whymark 32-23L. Clapham, K. Humphrey K. Feavearyear  33-25, E. Barber, J.Harvey , B.Sadler 30-28.                    R. Anderson-Dungar, P. Glover, K. Breame 31-32, R. Bunton,P.Tree, P Randall 22-27.

After the game Paul Randall  was presented with a County Tie to commemorate 200 appearances for the County.

The under 25’s played Suffolk at Thurlton on Sunday in between the Showers.

Squad A.

W. Taylor-Bennett, D. Mills, J. Groves 20-23. E. Lambert, B. Hunter. D. Cawthorne 18-27 .        N. Brooks, J. Ward R. Lloyd 13-34. 51-84 and 0- 12 pts

Squad  B.

G. Siely,A Deal , M. Sparrow 19-24.R. Morgan, D. Cook, A. Stewart 22-20. K. Cook, R. Simper, A. Stimpson 24-24  65-68 and 3-9 pts

Newton Win against Suffolk

Playing Suffolk is a specially important game,  with  reputations  won and lost and it was a  Norfolk Daniel  who lead them into the Lions Den.  M. Sparrow, B. Grint  and an in form Daniel Cawthorne  cruised to a  29-17  win,  with R. Anderson-Dungar, P. Glover and K. Breame  30-23, L.Clapham, K. Humphrey and G. Gibson 37-26, E. Barber, J. Harvey and B. Sadler  30-29,          R. Bunton, J. Hudson, and P. Randall 31-23  M.Jacobs, P. Forster and P. Whymark 15-31.

Result 172 – 149  and 20 – 2 pts

Setting up a big game next Saturday away in Lincolnshire

The Adams Team didn’t fair  so well struggling with the green after recent rain.  R.Lloyd, M. Chapman and P. Webb won 28-19, S. Reynolds, N. Blyth, and E. Clapham 38-24, A. Sayer, R. Greef and C. Rowe 17-33,  B. Footer, A. Bateson and A. Folkner 22-33, D. Mills, J. Cook  and J. Sparrow 23-45, D. Smith, G. Gallant and G. Hewitt 28-29.

Result 156 – 183   and  4 – 18 pts

In the Reg Wright Trophy the two Norfolk teams met at Freethorpe on Sunday and it was the B Squad that  continued it’s winning ways after their 106 -48 win against Hunts last week.

 B Squad names first

K. Cook, R. Simper and A. Stimpson 31  -- L. Siely, E. Lambert and J. Ward 7.

R. Garman, A. Deal and  M. Sparrow 15 – N Brooks, A Annison and A Lloyd 25

R. Morgan, D Cook  and A Stewart 29  --  W. Taylor- Bennet, J Groves  and D. Mills 15

Result  Norfolk B 75 shots and 8 pts   Norfolk A 47 shots  and 2 pts

Newton Win Adams Lose

Away to Northants Norfolk County Bowls Association were aware that it would be  a tough game especially for the Adams team who were facing last years English Champions.

The Newton Team had M.Jacobs, P. , Forster  and P. Whymark in scintillating  form as they steamed to  a 38 shot win, 54-16,  E. Barber, E. Tree and B. Sadler won 33-17, R. Anderson-Dungar,P. Glover and K.Breame 25-27, M. Sparrow,B.Grint and D. Cawthorne 27-30, L. Clapham,K.Humphrey and G. Gibson 25-28, I. Anderson, J. Harvey and P.Randall 25-40.

Result 189 – 158.  And  14 – 8 pts

The Adams Team had R.Lloyd, A Bateson and S. King win 22-18, S Reynolds, N. Blyth and E. Clapham 28-33,B. Footer M. Smith and A. Folkner 27- 34,A. Sayer, R. Greef and C. Rowe       18-22, D. Mills, J.Cook and G. Hewitt 22-36  and D.Smith, I. Whiley and J. Sparrow 22-29.

Result 139 – 172  and  2 – 20  pts

On Sunday Norfolk Under 25’s  played Huntingdon at Freethorpe in the Reg Wright Trophy and for the first time there will be TwoTeams from Norfolk, Suffolk and Hunts.

The A Squad Team E. Lambert, J. Ward and D. Cawthornre 26-30, T Brooks, R. Lloyd and B . Hunter 19-27, T. Cooper, J. Groves and D. Mills 18-25.

Result 63-82

N.C.B.A. Teams announced for Sat 28th May

Adams Team to play Northampton away

D.Smith,J.Moore, J. Sparrow, R.Lloyd,A.Bateson,S.King,D.Mills,J.Cook,G. Hewitt

S. Reynolds,A. Sayer,C. Rowe , B. Footer, M.Smith, A.Folkner, N.Bltyh, R.Greef, E.Clapham.

 Newton  Team to play Northampton away

I.Anderson,K.Humphrey,P.Randall,L.Clapham,E.Feavearyear,T.Gibson,E Barber,P.Tree,B.Sadler



Under 25’s Team to Play Huntingdon on Sun.29th May at Freethorpe

A Squad,  --T.Cooper,J.Groves,D.Mills,N.Brooks,R.Lloyd,B.Hunter,E.Lambert,J.Ward,D.Cawthorne.



The National finals at Newark this week is concluding the indoor season. In the mens rinks  Andy Sayer, Tom Baker  and Ian Whiley   won 23-18 in the first round playing three from  North  Cambs, the came up against  a strong Nottingham  triple and needed an extra end  to win 19-18  for a place in the Semi Final. This game against Durham was  highly competitive and they lost 12-22. Meanwhile Roger Greef in the Mens Singles won his first game 21-12 against A Hailes of North Cambs then  played I. Mc.intosh of Durham and won 21-15 to go into the Semi Final on Thursday.The Mens Pairs with David Cole and Barney Wymer lost  to a Durham pair  13-19 and Denis Goodley in the Senior Singles lost to E. dent of Durham 7-21.


In the mens singles Semi Roger  Greef met  R. Pearce of Nottingham and in a close competitive game lost 18-21  and  the Notts man went on to win the final 21 -6.

County Executive Meeting

Held at Carters Bowls Club 30 members of the Executive meeting attended. Codes of Ethics  and behaviour from the National Body were passed to all members for the clubs and the County Treasurer reported a healthy balance. It was reported that Northumberland has withdrawn from County games and  charges for the Skegness greens are likely to increase for the National Finals. It was  agreed to provide a  coach for the und. 25 games away at Hunts  and  players will be charged £8.00 per game. Selectors for the under 25’s were elected , Hazel and Jimmy Rix, Nigel Lambert  and Richard Bunton. The Annual Dinner is to be held at Wensum Valley  on 28th Oct. An extrodinary  executive meeting  is to be held on Sat 23rd July to discuss the Zoning of indoor County games and the withdrawal of players in National Finals.

Derbyshire Trophy

Sunday 13th March and Norfolk had to play Lincolnshire in the Derbyshire trophy and needed a win to go through to the final, not an easy task despite being at home. Daniel Cawthorne, Mark Riches  and Sam King  went from 9-5 up at 10, to 9-11 down at 15, 14 each at 20  but finished in style to win 22-17. Dan Mills, Dan Ramsbottom  and Ian Wones were 9-1 up at 5 ends, 14-11 at 15  and went on to win 21-19. Andy  Sayer, Mark Turner  and Ian Whiley  were 9 each at 10 ends, 9-17 at 15 and lost 16-23. Mark and  Simon Elliott  with George Tubby were  5-11 at 10, then 10-24 at 20 and lost 13-32.  From  33 each at  10 ends the game turned and by 15 ends Norfolk had added  7 shots but Lincs  had scored  another  22.

Result 72-91  and 4 – 10 points

Derbyshire Trophy v Northants.

At home to Northamptonshire at Acle the Norfolk Team were hoping for a good points tally to take on top of Table Lincolnshire next week. Sean Savoury, Daniel Cawthorne  and Sam King   were 8-18 down after 10  ends and  19-24 at 20, Sam drawing perfect bowls at times but couldn’t prevent a 27-31 loss. Daniel Seabourne, Mark Turner  and Mark Riches  were      8-18 down at 15 ends and changing positions didn’t change the game as they lost 15-31. Dan Mills, Dan Ramsbottom  and Ian Wones went from 11-6 up at 10 to 18-9 at 15 and won 25-20. Mark and Simon Elliott with George Tubby were 12-4 at 10 and 22-11 at 20. This rink as  last to finish and the game poised at 94 each with 2 ends to play, 3 down George drew a toucher but on the final end they dropped a 4 winning the rink 28-16 but Norfolk 95 Northants 98.

Next Week against Lincs at Acle a 12-2 win by 14 shots will see they into the final.

Team  as this week but Ian Whiley replacing Sean Savoury.

Norfolk County Finals

Played at Lynnsport Sun 28th    Feb 2016  

Under 25 Singles .   Daniel “ Spike “  Seabourne , Acle  was in  dominant form  against Nicole Moseley  Lynnsport and won 21-2.

Ladies |Senior Singles  

This was an all Acle Final  ,  Mel Haylett   playing Jenny Kirby  and close at one stage 11 each then Mel  went on to win 21 – 13.

Mens Triples

This game  was   dominated  by the home team from Lynnsport  of Andy Sayer, Ian Whiley  and Steve Winter playing the Acle Trio of Mark and Simon Elliott with Geoff Ramsbottom   who conceded  at 20 – 5.

Mens   Singles

Tim Stone was unable to attend and conceded the game to Roger Greef

Mixed Triples

This was between Nicole and Mo Moseley with Stevie Winter Lynnsport  and  Spike Seabourne, Mel Haylett and Ian Wones from  Acle.  At 10  ends the  Lynn  three were  9 -4  up  and 12-7 at 15,  by 17  ends it was 12 each, and went to a close finish the Acle trio holding   game but a touch from a front bowl  helped Stevie’s final  bowl onto the jack to win      15-13.

Ladies  Triples

This  was an all Acle Final  between Lynne Cannell, Barbara Meeks  and Geraldine  Reeve  up  against  Sheila Stacey, Gwyn Xuereb  and  Jenny Kirby, with Geraldine 9-7 up at 10  ends and went on to win 23-13.


Ladies Singles  

Another All Acle Final between Jenny Kirby and Geraldine Reeve, after losing two finals Jenny was in a determined mood to win the third and went into a 14-4 lead at 11 ends finished in style winning 21-6.

Mens Pairs

The Woodlands pair of Barry Toyn and Roger Greef played David Cole and Barney Wymer of Acle  and  the  Acle  pair  were soon in charge leading 18-5 after 13 ends and went on to win 23-15.

Ladies Pairs

Louise Knights of Norfok Bowling Club and Melanie Haylett  Acle played   Linda Blake  and Carol Neave  from North Walsham who went 9-8 up at 10 ends and playing well won 18-13.

Mixed  Pairs

Nicole  Moseley  and Stevie Winter  Lynnsport were  up against  Acle’s Jenny Kirby  and Dan Mills, here  the  home team soon took charge going 18-4 up at 12 ends and won 21-12.

Mens Senior  Singles

This was a battle between Terry Cator of Old Hall  and Denis Goodley from Acle  and it was  Denis who settled  quickly to the  pace of the green and was soon 18-4 up  and won 21-4.

Derbyshire Trophy Team

To be held at Acle  against Northants on Sun 6th March

D. Mills, D Ramsbottom  and Ian Wones

M. and S. Elliott  and  G. Tubby

D. Seabourne, M. Turner  and M. Riches

S. Savoury, D. Cawthorne  and S. King

12 points v Hunts in Derbyshire Trophy.

Derbyshire Trophy Norfolk travelled well to Huntingdon Indoor Bowls Club to play the Derbyshire Trophy and returned with twelve of the fourteen points. S. Savoury , M. Riches and S. King 38 – 21 D. Mills, D. Ramsbottom and I. Wones 30 – 15 M. Elliott, S. Elliott and G. Tubby 33 – 14 A. Sayer, M. Turner and I. Whiley 15 – 24 The next game is at home at Acle Indoor Bowls Club against Northamptonshire on 6th March at 10.00am team to be announced.

Result from game against north cambs in Derbyshire as follows:-

S. Savory D. Cawthorne and M. Riches 23.16
M. Elliott S. Elliott and G. Tubby 23.18
D. Mills D. Ramsbottom and I. Wones 34.15
A. Sayer M. Turner and I. Whiley 32.23
112. 72 shots 14 points to 0

Team for 21Feb away to Huntingtonshire as follows

S. Savory M. Riches and S. King
M. and S. Elliott and G. Tubby
D. Mills D. Ramsbottom and I. Wones
A. Sayer M. Turner and S. Winter

County Bowls Semi-Finals

Held on sun 31st Jan  at Lynnsport

 Mixed Pairs Prelim.       

D  and R Runciman  18…………. L  and T Cator  17

Mixed Pairs Semi Final

 N. Moseley  and  S  Winter  24……. D  and R Runciman  11

L  Blake   and B  Sadler      6………….  D Mills  and J Kirby  21

Mixed Triples

 L  and C  Blake  and B Sadler  6  ………. D  Seabourne, L Cannell  and  I  Wones  28

N  and M  Moseley  and S Winter 26 ….P Rolph, B Toyn  and R Greef  10

Mens   Pairs

A  Sayer   and S Winter  11 …… D Cole  and B Wymer 20

Under 25 Singles

D  Seabourne   21  ….   T Cooper 7

Mens Singles

A   Sayer  15  …. R Greef 21

T Stone  21 …T Cator  3

The County  Thanked Umpire  Roy Himpleman , markers  and Staff  of Lynnsport for providing their facilities and Refreshments


Derbyshire Trophy v North Cambs

Selected Team.

D.Mills.D.Ramsbottom I.Wones
M.Elliott S.Elliott G.Tubby
A.Sayer G.Todhunter I.Whiley
D.Cawthorne M.Riches S.King

NCBA Indoor County Championships.

Playing shedule for 31st January at Lynnsport IBC.

10am Mens Pairs   Semi   Final   A Sayer   and   S Winter   v D   Cole   and B Wymer  

10am U25's   Singles   Semi   Final   D Seaborne   v T Cooper  

10am Mixed   Pairs   Prelim R & D Runciman   v L & T Cator

12 o'clock   Mixed   Pairs   Semi   Final   R & D Runciman/ L & T Cator   v N Moseley   and S Winter  

12 o'clock    Mixed   Triples   Semi   Final   L Blake. C Blake   and B Sadler v D Seaborne. M Haylett   and I Wones

12 o'clock   Mens   Singles   Semi   Final   A Sayer   v R Greef

2pm Mens   Singles   Semi   Final   T Stone   v T Cator  

2pm Mixed   Pairs   Semi   Final   L Blake   and B Sadler   v D Mills   and J Kirby

2pm Mixed   Triples   Semi   Final   P Rolph. B Toyn and   R Greef   v N Moseley. M Moseley   and S Winter  

NCBA Indoor Championships 2016

Results for Sunday 17th January at Lynnsport IBC.

In the Triples

 A. Sayer, I. Whiley and S. Winter  16              v  R. Runciman,  B. Toyn and R. Greef  5

M. Elliott, S. Elliott  and G. Ramsbottom  29   v  D. Mower, R. Grant  and T. Cator

Prelim  Mixed Triples

 M. and N. Moseley and S. Winter  28  v  D. Mower, L.  and T.  Cator  13.

 Senior Singles

Prelim                   D. Goodley  21.   v    M. Moseley 9

 Semi Final            D. Goodley  21   v     B. Sadler  18

                                 T. Cator   21     v      R. Greef  11

Prelim Singles        A. Sayer   21     v      T. Elvin  20

Prelim  Pairs          A. Sayer and S. Winter 29  v   R. Grant  and T Cator  6

Pairs                        B. Toyn  and R. Greef  26    v   C.Blake  and B. Sadler 9

The  County   thanked Lynnsport for providing their facilities and refreshments and Officials, Markers  and  Umpire Barry Swan for making the day run smoothly.


The A.G.M  of the County Federation Bowls League  was  held at RG Carters on Sunday and a minutes  silence held  for former President Ray Dorrington  and  Bowls  club members who had passed away over the last  twelve months. The  major  change was the retirement of David Cole, the League Controller and Press Officer who had  been doing this work for the last ten years. County  President  Andy Sayer  thanked him for his  excellent work and wished his successor good luck for 2016. The new Controller elected was  Matthew Sparrow and County Press Officer Brian Grint elected as League Press Officer.  Four Clubs have withdrawn from the league, Suffield Park,  Mill Farm , Gressenhall   and  finally Bacton which has folded altogether, one new club has joined Gorleston B. Two new  league representatives were elected Geoff Bonnick in  Sub Area A  and  Paul Hurcott in Sub Area D, while  County Executive representatives were Amy Barber, Hazel Rix  and Geoff Bonnick. Wooton Park were congratulated as overall Champions and Gissing A as runners up with thanks to Tungate for hosting the finals.

Clubs were asked to contact the League Controller with any problems and not the County Secretary, all fixtures for 2016  were handed out  and it was agreed the final in the coming season will be held at Heacham.

Norfolk County Bowls Association will  have 84 clubs registered for the Outdoor season in 2016 and all clubs are reminded that entries for the County Competitions should reach the                                        County Secretary by 31st January.

 The County under 25’s   will  have two teams in the coming season with Judith Ward Captain of Norfolk A  and Matthew Sparrow Captain of Norfolk B, all club Secretaries are asked to forward names  of under 25’s they recommend for the County Trial on Sun May 8th.

The team for the first  game on the 7th Feb.in the Derbyshire Trophy will be announced early in the new year and the Eversley  trophy is to be held over one day on Sun. 24th April at Newark.

 Four Titles to celebrate for Norfolk's Federation Bowlers.

Friday evening saw Norfolk's Federation bowlers gather at Woodlands Banqueting Suit for the annual dinner and prize presentation.

The guest of honour was EWBF National President Mrs Beryl Beresford.

Following an excellent meal the highlight of the evening was the presentation of trophies to the winners of all the County Competitions and Leagues together with the National Championship winners from the county.

Norfolk came away from this years Indoor and Outdoor National Championship with 4 titles. At Newark in April Daniel Seabourne won the Under 25 Singles title. Whilst at the outdoor Championships held in Skegness in August 3 titles were picked up. The ladies won the Silver Vase team completion and Wayne Burrage won the 2 Bowl Singles and Tony Elvin the 4 Bowl Singles.

The evening concluded with dancing to Chandler Green.

Changes at top of NCBA.

R G Carter BC was the venue on Sunday for this years NCBA Annual General Meeting. With a number of officers retiring there were a large number of changes to be decided.

The new President is Andy Sayer who was presented with the chain of office by outgoing President Barry Swan. The new Junior Vice President is Eddie Barber.

After almost 20 years as Chairman Alex Manson retired and John Hudson was elected as his replacement. Barry Swan has taken over as Vice Chairman.

There was also a change to the Secretary as Barry Swan stood down and Jane Watson was elected as his replacement. The other change saw David Cole retire as Press Officer and this job was taken over by Brian Grint.

The full list of Officers and other posts is:

President Andy Sayer, Junior Vice President Eddie Barber. Chairman John Hudson. Vice Chairman Barry Swan. Secretary Jane Watson. Treasurer Roger Greef. Match Secretary David Filby. Press Officer Brian Grint. Handbook Editor Barry Swan. Outdoor Competition Secretary Trevor Hardingham. Indoor Competition Secretary Andy Sayer. EBF Delegate Barry Swan. Adams Captain David Filby. Newton Captain Trevor Hardingham. Reg Wright Captains Judith Ward and Matthew Sparrow. Eversley and Derbyshire Captain Andy Sayer. Safeguarding Officer Judith Ward.

Game of two halves.

It is often said in sport that it was a game of two halves. This was certainly the case on Saturday when Swanton Abbott and Gissing met in the final of the NCBA County Club Championship at R G Carters Bowls Club.

Swanton Abbott started the game strongly and moved into a 9 shot lead at 5 ends. The gap was still 9 shots after 10 ends. By the 15th end the Swanton Abbott lead had grown to 15 shots and they were looking firm favourites. The game situation then started to change and Gissing had reduced their deficit to 9 shots after 20 ends. The game grew closer and closer over the last 5 ends and Gissing with a strong finish ran out winners by 4 shots, 87 shots to 83.

The Jason Roope Shield was presented to Gissing by County President Barry Swan.

Gissing will now represent Norfolk in the EBF Durham Centenary Trophy next season.

This was the last NCBA competition of the outdoor season. Bowlers now turn their attention to the indoor season.

Rink scores from Saturdays game, Gissing first:- I Groves, R Cornwall and G Forster 10 S Westgate, S Lee and L Blake 32. K Lake, B Royal and P Whymark 33 R Howard, M Wright and G Rice 12. R Ford, M Coe and K Fulcher 16 V Moore, J Moore and I Wones 26. E Fairweather, J Harrison and P Forster 28 T Nield, E O'Hanlon and C Blake 13.

Title triple for Norfolk bowlers.


Norfolk's Federation bowlers travelled to Skegness for the National Championships last week. The Ladies Silver Vase team were first to take the green and pulled off a comfortable win against Humberside.


Any hopes that this was going to set the pattern for the week were quickly dashed when the individual competitions started. Many of the Norfolk players found the slow and difficult greens to much to handle.


However things did improve towards the end of the week as Norfolk bowlers qualified for 4 finals.


On Friday afternoon Wayne Burrage faced  S Oliver from Cleveland on rink 13 in the Champion of Champions Singles final. This rink had proved a graveyard for Norfolk bowlers during the week. It kept up its reputation as Wayne lost 16-21.


Saturday morning saw Norfolk represented in 3 finals. Wayne Burrage was first to complete a victory as he ran out winner 21-17 in the 2 Bowl Singles. Tony Elvin was involved in a long 4 Bowl Singles game against J West of Lincolnshire. Tony finally got home winning by 21-17.


The Ladies 2 Bowl Rink were playing a very strong Nottinghamshire team. Pauline Duffield, Amy Barker and Lilian Barber lost out 12-20.


What looked like being a disappointing week turned out well with Norfolk returning home with 3 titles.


County Cup Final.

Over the last 5 seasons two teams have dominated the County Cup. Martham and Gissing having won the trophy twice again faced each other in the final held at Great Plumstead BC.

Martham opened the game strongly and held a 74 shot lead after 5 ends. Gissing then started to take control and led by 12 shots after 10 ends and 23 shots after 15 ends. Martham then started a recovery reducing the deficit to 17 shots after 18 ends. Finishing strongly they further reduced the gap but to late. Gissing ran out winners by 84 shots to 72.

The County Cup was presented to the winning team by County President Barry Swan.

Rink scores( Martham first):-

G Gallant, S Watson & G Hewitt 24 I Groves, R Cornwall & C Gaul 24. J Ward, D Nichols & P Randell 11 M Jolly, G Forster & P Whymark 28. A Jones, M Gallant & J Dyball 15 K Lake, D Royal & M Coe 17. T Punchard, J Hudson & G Bowgen 22 E Fairweather, J Jolly & P Forster 15.

County Cup Final.

Over the last 5 seasons two teams have dominated the County Cup. Martham and Gissing having won the trophy twice again faced each other in the final held at Great Plumstead BC.

Martham opened the game strongly and held a 74 shot lead after 5 ends. Gissing then started to take control and led by 12 shots after 10 ends and 23 shots after 15 ends. Martham then started a recovery reducing the deficit to 17 shots after 18 ends. Finishing strongly they further reduced the gap but to late. Gissing ran out winners by 84 shots to 72.

The County Cup was presented to the winning team by County President Barry Swan.

Rink scores( Martham first):-

G Gallant, S Watson & G Hewitt 24 I Groves, R Cornwall & C Gaul 24. J Ward, D Nichols & P Randell 11 M Jolly, G Forster & P Whymark 28. A Jones, M Gallant & J Dyball 15 K Lake, D Royal & M Coe 17. T Punchard, J Hudson & G Bowgen 22 E Fairweather, J Jolly & P Forster 15.

There were two important games played this week with the final of the Subsidiary Cup and the Play Off for the County League Championship.

The Subsidiary Cup final was played on Thursday evening at Cawston BC with Swanton Abbott taking on Holt.

Swanton Abbott started very strongly and took a 10 shot lead after 5 ends. This lead was completely wiped out over the next 5 ends as Holt started to take a grip on the game. At 10 ends Holt led by 4 shots. By the 15 end they had stretched their lead to 11 shots. Swanton Abbott reduced the lead over the final 6 ends but could not close the gap. Holt ran out winners by 72 shots to 65. The trophy was presented by County President Barry Swan.

Rink scores(Swanton Abbott first):- C Blanche, T Nield & I Wones 16 J Eldred, J Rix & H Rix 18. V Moore, S Lee & L Blake 21 B Dennis, B McQuade & R Ruinciman 10. R Howard, J Moore & G Rice 12 M Eldred, K Mahitis & D Bean 22. S Westgate, D Nield & C Blake 16 G Bullock, D Runciman & K Medler 22.

Spke flies the flag for Norfolk

There is a young bowler in Norfolk who has had a season to remember. Having represented England at Under 25 level, being part of the Norfolk Under 25 Double Rink which won the National Title he rounded the season off by winning the EBF Under 25 Singles title at Newark IBC. The bowler in question is Daniel "Spike" Seabourne.

Spike opened his campaign with a comfortable 21-7 win over R Morley of Huntingdonshire. In the semi-final Spike found himself involved in a titanic struggle with J West of Lincolnshire finally getting home 21-20. In the final Spike was in terrific form as he ran out the winner by 21-13 against R Robinson of Derbyshire.

This was the only title picked up by Norfolk however Barney Wymer had a good run in the Senior Singles. He made his way through to the final with wins against B Holliday Humberside 21-13 and M Dolby Northants 21-15. The final was a close fought affair but Barney just missed out 21 -19 against D Peak Huntingdonshire.

The championships at Newark were the last event of the indoor season. Bowlers now turn their attention to the outdoor greens with league games starting over the next 2 weeks.

So near yet so far.

Norfolk's Federation County team travelled the Lincoln IBC on Sunday to take on Lincolnshire in what was a crunch match in terms of qualifying for the EBF Derbyshire Trophy final. Norfolk needed to pick up 14 points from the game which meant winning on two rinks and taking the overall game.

Things started badly with Norfolk falling behind in the early stages, Lincs lead 22-12 after 5 ends. The gap was down to 9 shots after 10 ends and 6 shots by the end of the 15th end. Lincolnshire 50 Norfolk 44.. The gap continued to be reduced and by the end of 20 ends there was only a 3 shots in it. Despite the best efforts from the Norfolk team they couldn't quite close the gap. Final score Norfolk 80 Lincolnshire 82.

Winning on two rinks was achieved but the overall result meant Norfolk only picked up 4 points.

Rink scores:- D Seabourne, D Mills and I Wones 15-17. M Elliott, S Elliott and G Tubby 23-21. A Sayer, N Blyth and I Whiley 25-19. J Wells, M Riches and S King 17-25.

Acle bowlers have a field day.

The Federation bowlers from Acle IBC made good use of their own green in the finals of this years NCBA and NCWBA County Championship Finals on Sunday.

In the Men's Singles Ian Wones picked up the title for the twelfth time when he overcame Andy Sayer 21-18 whilst Linda Blake won the Ladies title beating Jenny Kirby 21-15. The Senior Singles were surprisingly one sided with Barnie Wymer beating Bryan Sadler 21-3 in the Men's and Melanie Haylett winning 21-1 against Joy Seago to take the Ladies Title.

The Ladies Pairs game was a competitive affair with Sheila Stacey & Jenny Kirby winning 22-16 against Louise Knights & Melanie Haylett. Mark & Simon Elliott were in excellent form in the Men's pairs running out winners 27-8 against Barry Toyn & Roger Greef. Jenny Kirby was also successful in the Mixed Pairs partnering Danny Mills to a 20-9 win against Lindsay & Terry Cator.

In the Triples competitions Melanie Haylett, Linda Bennett and Elaine Cole won 24-10 against Lynn Cannell, Amy Barker & Marie Morton to take the Ladies Title. Danny Mills, George Tubby & Ian Wones won 24-11 against Paul Pratt, Colin Blake & Bryan Sadler in the Men's event. The Mixed Triples was won by Pam Rolph, Barry Toyn & Roger Greef 22-17 against Terry Cator, Lindsay Cator & Bernard Jones.

The Under 25 Singles Final had been played off previously with Daniel Seabourne winning 21-11 against Danny Mills.

All of the winners go forward to represent Norfolk at the EBF National Championships which are being played at Newark IBC 20th to 26th April.

Norfolk stumble against Northants.

Norfolk's EBF County team travelled to Stamford IBC on Sunday to take on Northants in the latest round of the Derbyshire Trophy. With two wins under their belt the Norfolk team were looking for a good result.

Northants started the stronger and held a 5 shot lead after 5 ends, 21-16. The gap had opened to 16 shots by the 10th end but was down to 10 shots after 15 ends. The next 5 ends turned out to be crucial to the final result as Northants scored 27 shots to Norfolk's 17 and as a result they entered the last 5 ends with a 20 shot lead. A spirited finish from the Norfolk team saw the gap reduced to 11 shots at the end. Norfolk 84 Northants 95. With two rinks winning Norfolk picked up 4 points.

The chance for Norfolk to qualify is still there but it will need a very good result in the last game which is being played away against Lincolnshire at Lincoln IBC on Sunday 15th March, 11.30am start.

Rink scores from Sundays game were:- Mark Elliott, Simon Elliott & Mark Riches 29-21. Andy Sayer, Dick Noble & Nigel Blyth 16-31. Peter Winter, Liam Stevenson & Sam King 12-19. Danny Mills, Danny Ramsbottom & Ian Wones 20-19.

Scare for Norfolk before narrow win.

Norfolk's Derbyshire Trophy bowlers went into the second game of the season on a high following their big win against Hunts. Going into the game on Sunday against North Cambs at Acle IBC the team were hoping for another big win before they faced the last two games of the season both away from home.

Things certainly didn't go to plan and it was the North Cambs team which put the pressure on from the start. After 5 ends the score was Norfolk 8 North Cambs 20. Things improved over the next 5 ends when the gap was reduced to 8 shots. Only 1 Norfolk rink was leading at this stage. By the 15th end the gap was down to 3 shots but this was again all down to the rink skipped by Ian Wones who lead 25-6. At 20 ends Norfolk had eased into a 5 shot lead, 72-67, but still only winning on 1 rink. The Norfolk bowlers managed to hold on to the 5 shot lead running out winners by 90 shots to 85, winning on 1 rink and drawing on another gave Norfolk 13 points.

Next week the team travel to Stamford IBC to take on Northants. They will need a much improved performance if they are to get a result in this game.

Rinks scores from the game with North Cambs were:- A Sayer, D Noble and N Blyth 25 E Clarke, J Savage and J Fox 25. D Mills, M Riches and S King 15 R Croxford, N Carter and R Jackson 18. M Elliott, S Elliott and G Punchard 14 J Ivatt, A Males and I Lawson 28. D Seabourne, D Ramsbottom and I Wones 36 F Howard, D Stanton and R Allan 14.

NCBA Indoor County Championships.

The NCBA Indoor County Competition Semi Finals were completed on Sunday at Acle IBC. The winners of the semi final go forward to play in the finals to be held on Sunday 22nd February.

Results of the semi Finals were as follows:-
Singles. Ian Wones 21 Roger Greef 1. Andy Sayer 21 Terry Cator 9.
Senior Singles. Barnie Wymer 21 John Tuddenham 10. Bryan Sadler 21 Terry Cator 10.
Pairs. Mark and Simon Elliott 22 Colin Blake and Bryan Sadler 13. Barry Toyn and Roger Greef 19 Andy Sayer and Richard Noble 18.
Mixed Pairs. Jenny Kirby and Danny Mills 21 Linda Blake and Bryan Sadler 12. Lindsay and Terry Cator 17 Pam Rolph and Barry Toyn 7.
Triples. Danny Mills, Danny Ramsbottom and Ian Wones 16 Andy Sayer, Gary Todhunter and Nigel Blyth 7. Colin Blake, Paul Pratt and Bryan Sadler 23 Ian Turnbull, Julian Cook and Terry Maidstone 14.
Mixed Triples. Lindsey and Terry Cator and Bernard Jones 20 David and Elaine Cole and Tony Dunton 12. Pam Rolph, Barry Toyn and Roger Greef 21 Colin and Linda Blake and Bryan Sadler 11.